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  1. bLiNd is awesome. Fantastic, fantastic mix.
  2. Oh f*ck yeah, this a true caffeine-powered rock mix: frantic drumming rhytmic guitar riffs playing and a strong bassline. The composition is fantastic. This mix is really good, im really glad it got accepted.
  3. One must fall! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I hadn't heard anything from that game in ages. It was a really cool game,and had some awesome tunes. The same can be said about jazz jackrabbit. These two games got me hooked, playing till my eyes bleed. Well, this track sounds cool. Ok, snares/hihats are not the best, but they are not annoying. This mix reminds me to the music that was getting posted here when i first came to OCremix. Good work. I think this has potential for getting into OCremix.
  4. Thanks a lot for the comments. I feel pretty... honored. Surprisingly, 31 Seconds became a popular favorite. Who would've known? I made into the Doom 2 D-Q-D project by luck. By that time, I was trying to get into several projects. One of these was the Final Fantasy 7 project (Zircon kindly refused my petition), other was that Dirge for the Follin project (Liontamer never answered!! )... and last but not least, Doom 2 DQD. The Orichalcon was pretty "demanding" with the quality of the mix, and eventually told me to re-do the whole thing. However, I can say it actually helped the mix to take off. And about the voice clips. I've always been a HUGE fan of voice clips in music. I remember listening to Zeratul's chrono trigger mixes back when i was 13 years old and sh*@#%*!g my pants because of their awesomeness. I wanted to do the same!. So i did a bit of research, some sampling,... and it might sound a bit weird, but i didn't know where all the samples were from!! Thanks a lot
  5. This is more like Euphoric Hardcore! LOL Fun to listen to
  6. Wow,.. pretty sweet mix. The recording is pretty rough, yeah, but is a nice add to OCr anyway. Good job
  7. Looks fucksome dude. Really sweet stuff. I wish i had a 360 though...
  8. Cool guitar stuff. Real instruments always add a bit of awesomeness to the music Good work (and if the guitar isnt real.. then , dude you have the best guitar plugin ever)
  9. Guys, you're all so damn right about the criticism. I know this can be done 100 times better. Next one WILL be better. However...keep in mind the piece is about one year old already!. Anyways..... I've finally made it into OCr!!! YAY!
  10. Wow, first time i see a quality library with an OK price. Good work! Sounds awesome... im even thinking on buying it
  11. The songs on GHWT weren't created exclusively for the game.. so probably OCr wouldn't officially accept them. Oh yeah.. something i wanted to say about the post title: OVERCLOCKED: AN HERO FOR TEH GAMERS.
  12. DUED DUEK NKUEM DOENST EXISTS!!1!!!!! However, LOLcats do.
  13. Well, its a huge luck to have that musical ambience at home. My dad was a hobbyist jazz drummer, but I've never been interested in jazz until now. In fact it wasnt my dad who introduced me to music, but my uncle who first taught me how to use a sequencer. At first i wasnt really interested, but hearing Yasunori Mitsuda's Chrono Trigger OST totally changed that.
  14. Hi there. Im making this thread asking all of you if know any videos/techs/tips on how to sing properly. I've been attemping to sing for the last two years (by myself) and I still suck as much as the first day. My problem is not with pitch: Only that the "sound" of my voice is not good (neither is bad, but definitely wouldn't sound allright being the lead voice on a band). How to work on that? Breathing exercises? Is it better to pay a teacher to help out? Or is it possible to do by oneself?
  15. Wow, this is a really good mix... everything sounds awesome. Excepting the samples and the production, of course. Almost every sample is.. crappy , but the idea is so fantastic it is really worth listening (and downloading) Im a fan of this!!
  16. This is awesome... fuck... hell awesome.
  17. Thank you so much for the comments.... I'll try to have the next wip in a couple of weeks... i have to finish some jobs and crap. I made some changes in the melodic line, now its more resembling to the original... I'll post something once i have made significative changes on the track, and its longer
  18. WTF are you talking about? Stop spamming bullshit.
  19. What do you mean?. You mean i should keep developing the same thing a bit more, instead of keep changing? ..
  20. Woho! Thanks a lot for the support guys! I feel very motivated to continue! Oh yeah.. i almost forgot! WIP 3 released! Fuck*ng check it out now!
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