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  1. Too late! For reference, this is what a female mixed martial artist actually looks like. Now to be fair, almost everyone in FFVII had little stick arms because of the graphical limitations. So feel free to suggest that they would have designed Tifa any differently had she been made for a next-gen console, that I may point at you and laugh derisively.
  2. Shut up. Of course there are bigger problems. There will always be "a bigger problem". That does not make "smaller problems" unworthy of discussion. It's a video game forum. Of course we're going to talk about video games. All you're trying to do here is shut down this topic because it makes you uncomfortable.
  3. "A bit"? Her breasts are bigger than her head. And the amount of fabric in her outfit wouldn't be enough for a mouse's shower curtain. Even if you want to argue that Ivy is supposed to be a provocative dominatrix character (despite the fact that she's CHASTE) it doesn't explain the bajillion other women dressed in bikinis with breasts bigger than their head. It's not empowering, it's not sensible character design, it's pandering to men. what The problem isn't "these characters are attractive", the problem is "every female character in any game has to be a supermodel." How many female warriors in games actually look like they could kick your ass? I'm sure there are a handful, but the vast majority have the exact same build; supple, lithe, shapely, but damned if we're going to give them muscles or anything, geez, that's just gross, dude.
  4. What the fuck. What the fuck. BGII is a great game. It is both unafraid to kick your ass and unafraid to let you kick its ass. It will bend you over and spank you with an oar until you figure out what the fuck you're doing. Once you figure out what the fuck you're doing, you can do whatever you want. Never does the game say "No, I'm sorry, but you just can't pull this off. Come back later." Want to go and beat up that that huge-ass dragon with your low level party? Go ahead. You can do it. Want to play solo? Knock yourself out. Fuck Minsc. Fuck Jaheira. Want to fuck Jaheira? With the slew of classes and NPCs, plus the ability to create your own party, plus all the mods available, there is so much replay value in BGII. So much. I've got more entertainment out of it than any other game I own, without question. And you can't claim nostalgia goggles on this, because I played BGII as a kid and I hated it. It was too hard, too complicated and I couldn't be bothered. It wasn't until years later that I finally popped it back in and went "Whoa, this is actually a lot of fun now that I'm not being an idiot."
  6. This sounded like a pretty bad thing. Then I realised I was getting Obsidian mixed up with Bethesda. This sounds like a pretty good thing.
  7. The only difference I've noticed is that when you have a lot of tabs open and they're all squeezed together, and then you close some and they're supposed to broaden to fill the extra space, they don't. Not until you jiggle your cursor over them a bit. It's annoying. Don't get it.
  8. This and the Left 4 Dead mod are basically the only things I know him from, but god damn it, that's enough. RIP. What are the songs in this?
  9. How is Siegfried even in the game if he committed suicide in his canonical ending?
  10. You say that like DA2 Anders bears any resemblance to Awakening Anders in the first place. Oh please. Tali was getting this long before she became a love interest. Her dialogue in the first game was basically just "Blah blah blah Geth, blah blah blah flotilla, blah blah blah immune system" and people were still clamouring for the option to bone her.
  11. You know, I was going to say it was a bit stupid for him to complain that there was only one strategy (super-effective moves) then later complain that a gym leader forced him to use a different strategy. Then I remembered that my battle with Elesa basically went "Whoops, Emolga can fly. Better get out the Boldore."
  12. Cynical 20-something year old: "God, what kind of bullshit is this? You mean to tell me I can't even squeeze some babies with decent IVs out of this thing? What if it has a bad nature? What a waste of time. Up yours, Game Freak." 8-year old child: "YAAAAY I MADE FRIENDS WITH JOLTEON" Remind me who the main demographic is here?
  13. The YouTube video in the OP was removed under some "spam, scams and commercially deceptive content" policy. What's that all about?
  14. You know what? Endure, Protect and Detect need to be taken out of the game. Not because I think they're overpowered. Oh no. It's just that the CPU seems to delight in wasting my time by spamming them over and over again. It's like it knows it doesn't stand a chance outside of gym battles and such, so it goes "Welp, at least I can annoy that filthy human!"
  15. Look, Game Freak. You can't give us this: and not have it be a Luvdisc evolution. You can't do that. Go back and fix it.
  16. Ace Trainers using Pain Split when their mons are at full health. I thought their AI was supposed to be smart?
  17. That's just to keep you from sequence breaking, though. They didn't do the whole "You have to beat this gym before you can use Surf out of battle" thing this time.
  18. I just noticed that poison doesn't do damage outside of battles anymore. No more running back to the Pokemon Centre every time some bastard gets lucky with Poison Sting! Also I just got an Archen and it's wrecking everything. Hasn't once taken enough damage for Defeatist to kick in. Good times.
  19. He doesn't even bounce, you oaf. Also, the proper term is "fundament impact".
  20. Do people in this game have nitroglycerin for blood? Everybody explodes when they die. It's ridiculous. If you want to have an effect like that, fine, but at least save it for powerful, high-impact spells or something. Shanking someone should not turn them into bloody salsa. And what is the point of having an entire class of item whose only purpose is to be sold? Why deliberately clog my inventory with vendor trash? Has anyone ever enjoyed the process of constantly running back to merchants to sell off your crap? Isn't this the sort of thing we should be trying to minimise by now? And why do enemy mages suddenly have bullshit forcefields that nobody in my party can use? AND WHY DID ANDERS GET ALL PISSY WHEN I TOLD HIM I WASN'T GAY I'VE ONLY SPOKEN TO HIM LIKE THREE TIMES AND HE WASN'T EVEN SLIGHTLY CLINGY IN AWAKENINGS AND ARRGHHHHF What am I going to do with you, Bioware?
  21. This is an old thread, but I think it deserves a bump for excellent vocal cover of M. Bison's theme.If you check out his channel, you'll notice that he's done similar remixes for many other Street Fighter themes, from the classic series to Alpha, but I think the one I linked to is his strongest work. Honestly, I feel bad that he's just uploaded these things on YouTube for a handful of views and no real personal gain. He should definitely have a steady job in Capcom's music department.
  22. I'm convinced that legendaries are programmed to do this. "OK, gonna catch this legendary. Good thing I just bought 99 ultra balls!" "Fuck each and every one of your ultra balls." "POKEBALL GO" "well shit" Every damn time.
  23. A four year old child just said "Change your perspective and the reality changes." I know I'm kind of beating a dead horse, and I know nobody really cared about the horse when it was still alive, but seriously. Who writes this shit?
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