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  1. Damn. I was sure I'd be sticking with Sagat and Dudley if I ever picked this up, but after seeing that trailer, Halcyon is definitely a contender. MY DAUGHTERS ARE SO PRETTY.
  2. (I like Wily 7 better.)
  3. So basically Darun Mister just changed his haircut slightly and stopped being so grumpy.
  4. No no. Sandsever. Have to keep the alliteration going. Although I would also accept Sandviscerate if it weren't too many characters.
  5. I don't know what kind of crazy facial expressions you have up there on the moon, but that looks more like a determined scowl to me.
  6. I honestly thought I was going to do this myself, and then I didn't, because this game's soundtrack is better than the first. By several orders of magnitude. Naturally I am attributing this to OCR's influence. On that topic, the first soundtrack seems to be much more subdued than this one. Is this going to be a trend? Are you holding off on cranking the "epic" dial to the maximum until the third game?
  7. We're long overdue for a Fire/Grass type based on a chilli pepper. Congratulations! Your Scorchilli evolved into Habanerno! Jalapyre?
  8. But he also used pieces from an actual instrument, which is cheating.
  9. KOTOR? Because to be fair, if KOTOR II sucked, it's because it wasn't finished.
  10. Or at least it wouldn't if Oblivion itself didn't suck.
  11. Although why anyone would want to sleep with Jack is perhaps more of a mystery. Incidentally, is this our official Mass Effect 2 thread now? Because if it is, I just beat it. And everybody lived. And it was grand. Especially since you get to keep playing after the ending. Hopefully Mass Effect 3 will recognise any saves made after the game is complete; that way you won't have to start a whole new game just because you missed one sidequest that will turn out to have consequences in the sequel. That said, I have one major complaint, and I think we all know what it is. Scanning planets for minerals. Boring, boring, BORING. And going to the Local Cluster to probe Uranus didn't make up for it. EDIT: I also like how they made Paragon Shepard a lot less stiff in this game. Used to be you'd have to go for a Renegade option to do anything cool or funny, but now you can joke around with your party members and get a couple of awesome moments without compromising your blue bar. Very satisfying to shove that arrogant volus and tell off the C-sec officer, then point out that, whoops, I'm a Spectre and you can't do shit about it. Also, anyone who can get through That Scene without doing the Paragon interrupt to give Tali a hug has no soul.
  12. They know full well by now that they can't afford not to have him. He wasn't in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, and look how that turned out. Granted, that might have been something to do with the game not being very good, but only partially. The main problem was that it had a big, gaping, Ron Perlman-shaped hole in it. EDIT: Oh hey. I actually recognise the obligatory 1930s-1950s ballad this time. Also, I'd better be able to get one of those coats.
  13. "Bleck" is an inoffensive nickname that you (presumably) chose for yourself! "Eggman" is an insulting nickname, made up by the other characters, to which Robotnik was shown to take offence! Sonic the Hedgehog is not Gunnery Sergeant Hartman! People are not obligated to identify themselves by whatever derogatory sobriquets he comes up with! I too like to end sentences with exclamation marks!
  14. Wasn't that just one instance in Sonic Adventure 1 which has since been retconned anyway because Eggman now calls himself Eggman?
  15. OK, seriously. What the hell is going on with the Escapist's video host and why am I the only one in the world having problems with it? I go to the page with the Dark Void video. It has the Zero Punctuation logo on it. A caption saying "This week, Yahtzee reviews Dark Void". "Dark Void" is even in the URL. And yet when I try to watch it, all I get is a five minute advertisement for The Escapist's content. No review.
  16. "The Desmond Blade"? OK. I now have to write a novel purely so that I can put a character called "Desmond Blade" in it.
  17. Sod off I am a Spectre. Sod off I am a Spectre. SOD OFF I AM A SPECTRE.
  18. All I can say that if there's no radioactivity, wastelands, or radioactive wastelands in this one, I'm going to be pissed. And then I'm going to get it anyway.
  19. There've been quite a few games that he liked, when you look back. He's usually not very vocal about it unless they're really, really good, but he's had plenty of "I actually enjoyed this game except for these issues" reviews. Left 4 Dead, No More Heroes, Fallout 3; the list goes on. Also, don't forget Prince of Persia, Portal and Call of Duty 4. I would also imagine he likes God of War, judging by how often he uses it as a yardstick.
  20. Well, that's not to say the story won't be good. Although, again, if Fahrenheit is any indication, it'll start off fairly compelling and then abruptly dissolve into a pile of incoherent arse about halfway through.
  21. From what I understand, Heavy Rain is something of a spiritual successor to Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, which was all quick time events. So...no, it probably wasn't an exaggeration. It's really not so much a "game" as it is an "interactive movie". A movie that you can't watch because you have to keep paying attention to the big Simon Says circles so that you don't get clobbered to death by flying furniture.
  22. I'm betting that a good chunk of the people who open this thread will be squealing "OMG FF7 REMAKE AT LAST WHEEEEEEEE", and then they'll read the first two posts and immediately hang themselves. On an entirely separate note, does anyone have a rope I could borrow?
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