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  1. LOL, It's a surprise... shhhh NO ONE CAN KNOW YET. Just trying to G you urp
  2. 90% Complete track here. Have one vocal line to record, some fx to add, and some fleshing out of the intro and the lead in to the chorus. By the way, my secret weapon MAKES the track. I'm so happy right now haha
  3. I got mine at pretty much full length now - just have to flesh it out, add the vocals and yeah. Got my mastering template down too, so that will help. Oh, and I've got a secret weapon... a big one ...like I said, it's something I haven't done before... SO EXCITE!!!
  4. Mine is going amazingly well... Got my beats down, arrangement planned out and all that jazz. Its quite different to anything ice done before I think... Man, I'm so stoked to be covering Sonic CD. And Star Light is awesome to work with... Ahhh, loving it.
  5. I'm starting mine tonight - I cooked up some FANTASTIC ideas in my head at work today, and I can't wait to get started Watch out yo - I B Makin' it reel. Fo Sho
  6. Agreed. I put a lot of time into Torchlight on both PC and XBLA (had to buy both versions). Diablo may have the atmosphere, but it seems that now, it's got an uber-dirty, corporate heart beating inside it now. Not that the vast majority of games these days don't, but still... I liked the playful, lo-fi atmosphere of Torchlight anyways. Cannot wait for the second!
  7. Yes. Speaking of which, I need to find a rock to sun-bake on - my bloods running a little cold... Brandon's posts' are what keep me here. This man knows his shit. I MA TEH LZAIRD QEEUN. EDIT: ANDOMGISDATGEX???
  8. leave me alone... It was late and I wasn't paying attention...
  9. Ooooooh, must check it out - I have that said Linndrum to addage... I agree with this shameless plug
  10. 80's is awesome, and 80's doesn't never die. Pretty much everything I do is some form of 80's influenced synth-pop stuff though, cause that's what I love doing, so judging by what ya'll are saying, I'm expecting a synth-pop duel to the death!!! I got Tidal Tempest on my side though - there's not very many 'vidyah gaem' tracks I like more than anything from the real Sonic CD OST (let alone TIDALFREAKINGTEMPEST), so this time round, it's all nostalgia and passion that'll drive me. Funnily enough, I'm not a competitive person at all... but I love me these comps - being forced to finish (or nearly finish) a track every week gets me going.
  11. Good... I remember you saying a while back you'd do that very thing - IT'S ON! EDIT: Oops double post... WHAADYAGUNADOOO?!?!
  12. MUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA !!! Love it. Brackets are awesome. Sigs are awesome. It's all awesome Man, I cannot WAIT for the match ups...
  13. That was the most amazing thing I have ever had the pleasure of reading...
  14. Are we gonna get into this again, Kyle? I completely disagree, but I don't wanna start another war
  15. I have a feeling we both chose CC for the same reason, lol (it's catchy as hell, and contains a lot of motif's that would be real easy to mix into other zone sources ), but yeah, Tidal Tempest is one of my faves, and one of the first tracks I looped endlessly from the game disc - the whole soundtrack is uber-special to me - it was my first taste of Redbook audio, after all. So which ever zone from that version of Sonic CD I get to remix, I end up winning either way. It goes without saying that I'm ULTRA excited to see what you do with Collision Chaos
  16. Could I possibly be a complete shit and change the order of my picks? 1: Tidal Tempest JAP/EURO - Sonic CD 2: Wacky Workbench JAP/EURO - Sonic CD 3: Speed Highway - Sonic Adventure 4: Emerald Coast - Sonic Adventure 5: Collision Chaos JAP/EURO - Sonic CD I'd rather not have to roll halc for Collision Chaos, and no one's picked Tidal Temest JAP/Euro yet
  17. A new IP AND a Metroidvania to boot! The control looks to be as smooth as butter too. I'm hanging out for this. Can no one EVER get enough platform games these days
  18. New information and video from the game in this article: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/04/hell-yeah-is-a-gory-comedy-metroidvania-set-in-hell/ It's looking SWEEEEEEEEET. Look at that framerate!
  19. Haha! I literally lol'd... hard. I love me some Sonic R... mmmm
  20. Really loving this. I adore any and all Turrican music, and this is a fantastic rendition of 'The Great Bath'. The only real beef I have is that the bass seems a tad overwhelming in most of the track... it booms a little too much and is a smidgen muddy. Apart from that, I love it. It's a keeper
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