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  1. Oh hell yes... this is a little meta, and a little awesome
  2. Also fixed. I thought I found a Bond Man theme on YouTube... turns out the music wasn't it.
  3. Damn... back to the picking again haha. Can you tell Ima don't play MM games? EDIT: and fixed
  4. My picks: 1 - Cold Man 2 - Splash Woman 3 - Hornet Man 4 - Crystal Man 5 - Dynamo Man
  5. All of this is made of just pure YES. Dude, your arrangements take on a whole new meaning with vocals in the mix. No words. Just yes. No words... ...just yes....
  6. HELL YES! OMF2097's Menu theme is one of my absolute favourite game tracks of all time. This mix is made of awesome. All of it. ALL OFFFF IIIIITTTT. Those vocoded vox are a brilliant touch too. My only qualm is the track is a tad soft. Other than that. YES!
  7. I dunno, I've never held any issue with the synth solo... I love the free-form, looser sound it has. But I've gotta say, this track is one of my most listened to tracks off the album... probably THE most. I've always loved this source, but Stevo's take is my FAVOURITE version of this track. Everything about it... it just makes me happy. It's gorgeous. The vocal sample Stevo created warms my heart, and this ReMix is by far his equivalent of 'Mona Lisa' or other pretentious artistic reference. A sentiment I know Stevo himself shares. Great work man... everything that's good about NiGHTS all condensed into one track. Stellar.
  8. I'm going with the synth at the end... it gives the track some oomph for the lead out. But, man, do what you think is best. It is your mix after all. And if there's one thing that kinda bugs me about this community on the odd occasion is that people tend to want Mixers to alter their tracks to suit their personal tastes, regardless of whether it's right for the track or not. Do what your heart tells you man. This is still sublime. Your mixing is stunning... each and every track you do sparkles. Amazing stuff
  9. I'll add to this. It's true that the guitars do sound sample based, but I'm really fond of the tone and vibe they give off... I don't listen to this and wish they were real guitars, so yah. Also, the only nitpick I have is the piano in the end... it sounds a little mechanical. What I would do is use the synth that you had in WIP 2 to play the Mega Man source melody, and maybe use the piano as a harmony line in the background. But if you didn't change a thing, I'd still love this
  10. Dude, I absolutely adore this track. Seriously, I think it's my absolute favourite track of yours thus far. I have nothing to critique... I love the overall sound. Great, GREAT stuff!
  11. Quoted for fact. It's one of my absolute favourite games of all time. Sad news indeed.
  12. WIP: http://www.box.net/shared/azqqztg0510egzvd4zjs This mix aims to be a mash up of 2 tracks: Franks' Track from Street Racer on the Saturn/PSX: http://www.box.net/shared/smrketl34yg7i3rasgot & Level 2 from Bram Stokers' DRACULA on the Mega Drive/SNES: http://www.box.net/shared/f5k07bm243h1txrkz1il Think 50's horror movie meets Psytrance/Infected Mushroom + Space-Trancey stuff... and you'll be on the right track. Still very, very basic at the moment... HEAPS of shit to add... loads of synths, etc. Arrangement factor at the moment is fairly low, and I haven't done a lot of the 'mash up' work yet. The intro is also just kinda there, but yeah, WIP 1 Hope you guys enjoy this! I'm having a whole heap of fun doing this at the moment... so, so much fun
  13. Yep... I'm up for it too! Feel free to use whatever you like
  14. It's been manual tuned so that the Endless Mine reference could be thrown in there.
  15. Agreed. This is sexy as hell. I haven't been exposed to too much rap (a lot of OCR artists are turning me around to it though...), but DiGi does it for me ever SINGLE time. A complete natural. I'm looking forward to working with him in the future on some stuff. Great job DiGI and Tryezz... definitely one of my favourites:D
  16. I love this track so much. So, so much. So, so so so much. Gotta love José ... his stuff gets me everytime.
  17. Hells yeah!!! Any chance of me getting any sleep is gone...
  18. Yep, especially in the Jap/Euro Sonic CD.
  19. Still, I don't think it's ever felt out of place. Plus, City Escape... c'mon it's a classic
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