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  1. I'll be mixing for The Concrete Men this week. Ha-Har...
  2. I'm just voting for the songs that I enjoy the most. I'm not familiar with most Mega Man music and don't have that nostalgia attached to it that most people do. That said, phenomenal round guys. Loving it.
  3. Yes, eventually. It needs a complete do-over though... EDIT: BECAUSE IT's SO OLLLLD
  4. Ok, this goes out to Xarnax42: 'Power Outage' is awesome - I love it. Though you've got a long way to go when it comes to production, and the sample quality isn't phenomenal, I love the general direction you took - the whole avant-garde this gets me every time. I'm not sure what your other stuff sounds like, but it seems like everything you've done here is measured and has purpose... though some may think it quite random. I can't really explain it any other way, but I tell you, as soon as that vocoder came in, all I could feel was the spirit of Laurie Anderson coursing through my veins. "O Supermaaaaaannnnn' .... ...although, I don't think she's passed on quite yet... This reminds me a lot of her overall actually, and bits and pieces gave me an almost Antony & the Johnsons vibe, especially some of the tones in your voice. But this is most definitely unique. Seriously... so, so much promise. Invest more time into mixing and production, and get some better samples, and you'll go far. Lots of great ideas in here, and I've listened to it a fair few times over since I downloaded the Round 3 Package. You have a great voice too... I'd love to hear it with a little more crispness next time! Great stuff - just thought I'd tell you how much I'm enjoying your entry!!!
  5. Wow guys, thanks for the awesome feedback on Far From Home. I'm definitely gonna polish it up for submission!!! I did want to put more reference to Wily 1 into the last repeat of the chorus actually, but figured I'd just keep what I had because, considering the time frame I had to work on it, it seemed to work as is for the time being. Again, thanks to everyone for the feedback... I'm truly appreciative of it all
  6. These eyes of mine take off the shine surrounding everything. There's nothing out there but bitter, frozen snow. We mend and then we fall again, like so many times before. I know my place, I'm quite home in the cold. I never said that it was gonna be easy I never thought this angry colour would suit me so well I can tell that you're done. The snow falls upon the icy freeze and this autumn paradise begins to shed it's leaves for the last time, as I tell you that I'm done. (Look how I've made you come undone.) (Oh Oh Oh...) I know you've taken me a million miles from home (Oh Oh Oh...) But I really think that I'm stronger here on my own (Oh Oh Oh...) I swear I never meant to end it this way, oh no Oooooooooohh! ----------------------- Thanks for the kind words! The lyrics are also in the ID3 tag EDIT: Also, what a strong round... I've listened to it all twice over already. Great job this week guys and gals!!! Fantastic stuff from everyone.
  7. Just downloaded Round 2... I'll give it a good listen to on my lunch break at work, and vote later on tonight/tomorrow morning!
  8. My track is complete too. In the final stages of mastering at the moment, will be good to go within the hour EDIT: AAAAAAND SUBMITTED!
  9. Me too... Jason and I are discussing our teams mix as we speak.
  10. It's not cut-off time yet, is it??? I need about an hour and I just got home from work...
  11. Holy crap, there's a name I haven't seen for a long time! I don't have a lot of critique to offer. Maybe a little more to the high end of the piano - it sounds a little cut-off at the moment. Also, once the mix gets loud, it sounds a little too right-heavy... threw me off just a tad. Other than that... brilliant. Great source, great samples and the arrangement you've started is fantastic!
  12. Phew, just got home from work... and about to start listening to all the tracks. I could be egh-site.
  13. Likewise. It's my turn this week - and I've covered this source before. Needless to say, mine will be mostly focused on Cold Man, but Wily 2 provides me a killer way to mix it up. I was kinda disappointed when I first saw that it was Wily 2... now I'm kinda excited. But anyways, ARRRGH, off to work with me.
  14. I know you're not hating Will But since you've mentioned some of the production flaws (which I happen to agree on), I think any lacking area is rendered a moot point by the sheer energy, passion and just plain awesomeness. I think the roughness in the mix is more of a stylistic choice, because the drums etc sound like they're mixed similar to Reyn Ouwehand's cover of this track... actually, there's a hell of a lot of that version of Deflektor in this mix; cues taken from production right through to instrumentation. But who can blame them - Reyn did create the ultimate remix... one that eclipses even the source in awesomeness. 'Cover Your Light' is a bastard child of glam rock, Reyn and gamey-goodness... but what a fantastic bastard child it is
  15. OMG. No words. I agree with all those mix of the year things. One of my top 10 source tunes done so, so, SO right. Amazing shit. Truly. That chorus. WOW.
  16. Holy Shit Mr Jordanius. Sorry... 'Sir'. This is incredible. The source is perfect, and wow... just one of the craziest, most unique tracks on OCR. Makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Dude, you know I love your shit. It's always been awesome. But now thanks to this track, I think I love you. Thank you for this mix. Just thanks. Epic.
  17. Jason: Awesome shit man. Hilarious, and can't wait till part 3 haha WillRock: LULZ! I totally laff-ded outs loud then.
  18. JAson, I can pretty much find every conversation we've ever had in that story.
  19. there's no Cold Man avatar... but I found this one and it's awesome.
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