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  1. What a killer source! I'm gonna have fun with this! :D
  2. Can't wait to hear this weeks lot. I'll place my vote this evening when I get back home from work too - I haven't forgotten
  3. Thanks! I am also stoked at what everyone has done. I've got so many mixes that I adore out of this whole thing from EVERYONE, that's it's kind of overwhelming at just how much awesome music has just appeared week in, week out. And we've still got more to come! Brilliant. Oh and I've heard Flex's mix for this week. WOWSERS! It's so, sooo good. BRING IT ONNNNNNNN!!!! GRR!!!!
  4. Agreed! I'm so proud of what we've accomplished as a team in this competition. Was just discussing this very thing with Jason the other day.
  5. Retail Holiday. Oh what fun it is to drink all this Christmas crap away
  6. Cannot wait Actually, in general, can't WAIT for this rounds mixes
  7. Was thinking the same myself - I would have been cheering if I were able to do this weeks mix. Would have fit my cheesy tendencies to a tee
  8. It's out now, and it's amazing. Picked it up for my Xperia Play for $1.99, and I'm quite literally stunned at the quality and care taken in porting this game over. Feels kinda surreal having Sonic CD on my phone. Both Soundtracks (with new looping points for the tracks!) ... Leaderboards and Achievements... Widescreen graphics... 60fps Special Stage... Just so, so great. Fantastic stuff.
  9. Geez man, thanks a lot! That means a whole heap to me! Glad you like the vocals - I'm so uber-happy with the way they turned out in this track, it's not funny!
  10. WIP HERE 'The Fall': http://www.box.com/s/1vyizjsjj2okh6f8y07p Sources: Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass SNES): Wily Tower 2 (Mega Man 8 PSX/SAT): So this was one of my entries for the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet that I got sounding pretty good, but didn't QUITE get to finishing. You'll notice that from listening to the WIP. But I reckon it's at about 80% done, and though it sounds a little basic in parts, I'm working on that. BUT! GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I've asked Level 99 to do some guitar for me, and being the busy (and totally awesome) guy he is, agreed to feature in this track with me, with a solo and everything! So YAY! So I'll be posting any progress we make in here. Just bear in mind that the WIP above is pretty much fully mastered, so any subsequent updates may not sound as bombastic as it does until it's done. But it's at a very close to complete stage at the moment, so it's sounding pretty decent I think. The track is very much equal parts New Order, and any 80's synth-pop/euro-disco outfits you could think of. Lyrics are PURE CHEESE, and not at all game related. Also used some fantastic Linn LinnDrum samples I found for the percussion, and most of the synths are either Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7 samples. Also, stole a little sample from the Jap/Euro Sonic CD to use in my transitions. My good friend Jason Covenant provided some mastering wizardry to make it a little louder than I had it earlier, too, so thanks for that man! I've pretty much taken the Wily Tower 2 theme from MM8 and adjusted it to fit over the main chord progression Cold Man theme from MM&B. So it's a relatively even mash-up of the two themes. Vocals are done and dusted, so they won't be changed. They MAY feature in more of the track, albeit in a chopped up, altered form, but the main vocal sections are done. I'm also gonna vary the percussion up a bit, but I'll wait till I get some guitar before I do that. Might add some 80's toms, cowbell and PERHAPS some claps. Maybe A little more instrumentation, some polishing of the transitions, and work on the arpeggio's is on the cards too. Lyrics are HERE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSE: I'm saying that it wasn't ever right. I find myself repeating things a thousand times, and I'm tired of never getting through to you. (Oh oh oh oh) You couldn't care where this road will take you Could build you up, or tear you down or maybe break your fall. But I'm up against walls you build to keep me out. CHORUS: I'm falling (I'm falling) I'm falling down(I'm falling) And I can't waste my time on you. It all feels wrong when the trust is gone. You're calling (you're calling) You're calling out my name, but it's too late. So goodbye. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyhoo, lemme know what you think!
  11. Nah, I don't... But I've seriously been considering doing a remix EP of a few songs... I'd love to do a few more tracks in the style... Its a style I grew up listening to a lot. I know its cheesy as hell, but yeah, I'm not worried, as its fun as hell to do and it has its place. Like I said, I grew up listening to all this stuff, so for me its a normal and legit as anything out there. But yeah... EP on the cards I think
  12. I only really chimed in to plug VROOM!
  13. Well, we're well on the way to doing so with VROOM - there's some pretty obscure tracks in there
  14. I'm totally adoring the crap out of this right now. And great source choices - I'm an uber-fan of the Halo scores. Typical Brandon awesomeness abounds - love it.
  15. That's not the question at all, and there's no need to be an ass.
  16. Because there's a bigger question in there.
  17. Agreed. I'm not taken by it at all. Feels like it should be in 2D, but isn't. The controls are not anywhere near as tight as they need to be, and the 3D isn't enough to make jumping where you want to actually jump to perfectly accurate. I've never been a fan of this type of fixed 2D perspective in a 3D platformer anyway... it's never felt right, in anything, and in this case not even Nintendo has made it work. Also, it's totally the wrong game to bring the Tanooki suit back in. Why bring it back if we can't use it as we did before? I know that would break the game, being able to fly to the end of the level and all, but that just reinforces the fact that it's the wrong game to bring Tanooki back in. I was so pumped for this game, and after all the sterling reviews, I was uber-excited for it. Biggest let down of the year.
  18. Amazing. Those vocals are absolutely divine. ABSOLUTELY DIVINE! Finish it NOW! EDIT: It also totally sounds like a Bond theme. AWESOMESTUFF!
  19. I'm really happy with the way mine turned out. Though, I'm hanging to get back to expanding it and really fleshing it out for submission... Its not quite add polished or full sounding as I would have liked, but given the time period given to complete it, I'm uber-happy with it so far. Can't wait to listen to the rest when I get home from work
  20. Yep, just submitted mine too. 3 days of almost no sleep and 30 hours of work, along with doing this track... but it's DONE! Phew.
  21. Wow, thanks! Awesome to hear! I can't wait to unleash the new track tomorrow or whenever it is (timezones are balls FACT!) Almost. Cold Man was born in Siberia, but moved to Germany as a child. He became a famous 80's pop star and rode the wave of fame till the 90's hit. His album sales started dwindling throughout the 90's, because lets face it - who wanted to hear a Linn LinnDrum anymore? A Juno 10-what? A Yamaha DX-forget it! Refusing to adapt, Cold Man faded into obscurity. Till now. Thanks to Lady Gaga, the 80's is cool again, so Cold Man can see his way back into the music biz. He'll win yet. HE'LL WIN YET!!!!
  22. Well, since my Cold Man is a retro guy, you've got retro-synth pop to look forward to (or not look forward to) again. It's what I do and do best, and though I know it's a niche that not everyone may like, retro 80's stuff always makes me happy, and I adore writing tracks like this. Though I'm excited this time, more than before, because the Wily 8 Melody fits rather snugly with Cold Man's chordal structure, So my arrangement is a lot better than last time I'm loving this comp... I'd never completed a track in a week before - let alone a second that I'm about to do... I'm pretty happy with myself. And as Flex said earlier, I'm really proud of my team too, and all of you guys. We're all churning out music week after week because, well, you know, WE CAN And considering we all have lives, I find that pretty amazing actually
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