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  1. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  2. Donkey Kong Country 'Christmas Cave' I love what Deimos has done here. A very interesting melody, but don’t think that just because I say melody that it’s boring. This one keeps changing things up, and moves to a new feel, and then back again. Not for those who need high energy techno, or hard core rock to survive, I’ll admit, but calm soothing music has its charm as well. I love this piece, Deimos, great work.
  3. Hi,here's my last composition,feedback and advices are welcome : https://soundcloud.com/xouman/the-silent-forest Thanks !
  4. Chrono Trigger 'Ruined World (Eternal Derelict)' This is, in my opinion. one of CotMM's best tracks. Definitely sounds like it's from the soundtrack of a CT movie. Sets up some GREAT ambiance, then builds a slow-moving (in a good way) melody on top of it. Then just as it starts to get boring, CotMM changes it up, first shifting out the melody and adding in some de-tuned bells, then bringing in a new melody (this one from The Day the World Revived). I would LOVE to know what CotMM had in mind with this, as it sounds like there was definitely a concept behind it that goes beyond the music. Highly recommended.
  5. Hey OCR, Been a while since I've checked in, but I've been steadily chipping away at writing tracks over the last two years. Here's one I finished about a week ago, drawing inspiration from Chicago juke, classic Warp IDM/ambient sounds, dub and drum & bass (as well as a cheeky Motown reference). https://soundcloud.com/scatterbrain/where-did-my-baby-go EDIT: This tune has been officially released on Various Artists - FuFa Music, Volume 2 - a free download via Bandcamp, compiling tracks from 13 Sydney-based producers, in styles ranging from hip-hop and trap to footwork.
  6. This is "Driving," it's a composition I wrote a couple of years ago and hadn't shared with many people. The music is largely just a result of experimenting with variations on an arpeggio I'd stumbled upon. I wanted to create a mood that would suite someone driving through a mountainous area alone at night. https://soundcloud.com/jeffmatthews/driving
  7. Final Fantasy 7 'Oppressed Swamp Dub' I like the underlying tune of the whole thing, and the sound effects, while loud, definitely add environment to the tune. The strange (I couldn't understand them) vocals weren't needed, in my opinion. Not a fan of the overdriven/distorted guitar(?) near the end though. 3/5
  8. Donkey Kong Country 'Ambient Gemini' As the title suggests, this song is quite ambient. Delayed synthy flute starts this off. We've got a tomish kick in the right ear, some little hats in the centre, two sets of synth strings to the left, delayed piano and a couple of other lead synths. The delay in this track is panned to the opposite ear, so you hear the copy on the other side and it makes for quite a good atmosphere. You'll also notice a few ambient sounds here and there. I really don't like the kick in the right ear though - it really feels off balance. Everything else is quite well done, with a generous amount of reverb on some of the instruments and some good mixing of each individual track. Nice stuff.
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