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  1. Golden Axe 'Death Adder Trance' djp treats Golden Axe's first stage with his trademark sound. Kind of sounds like those things where you pull the slider in and out and it changes pitch as the air volume increases/decreases. djp loves that kind of sound, and he applies it to most of the instruments in this mix. Not quite as energetic as I would have liked to have heard, but it gets the job done.
  2. Space Harrier 'Disco' DJP is insane. This is the tune that got me interested in videogame music back in the day when I first got my Sega Master System. And now it's DISCO?????? Actually it's not that bad. If you are familiar with Space Harrier then this is probably an automatic download. Sounds like it is full of MP3 artifacts in the high frequencies, but I'm not sure if that's something DJP did when he made the song (high ends sounds wishy-washy and slurry). It varies up a bit in the middle, and that's pretty cool.
  3. https://youtu.be/7D_VAET_Hnc During the making of any remix/cover I do, I mainly want the listeners to recognize the song and hopefully start to get some memories from the past. The same goes with this one. Hydrocity Zone is such a cool song (both act 1 and 2), I really love the funky grooves, which I also tried to keep through about a minute of my remix. So you will most likely recognize it a bit before I go loose on creativity and extension of the original melodies. There will be some solos and then some ambient part resulting in a half tempo ending. I just write the music as I hear it in my head and keep going with the flow. This is what came to mind this last week. The intro SFX is intended to sound like Sonic starting to roll to gain that ridiculous speed. I searched through the SFX list from Sonic 3 and believed this is the correct sound of that. Until today I was thinking a lot of putting some harmonizing melodies to the original ones, but I went for "less is more" this time and just kept one at a time lead synth to play all melodies.
  4. Paperboy 'Peaperboayh' Ah, Paperboy. I liked this game for about 20 minutes. This is a cool mix, but of course I don't recognize it from the game. Sounds kind of "house" at times, if that is a legitimate description. Not a whole lot of variety here, but worth a download if you like "Beastie Boys" style percussion.
  5. Just Tried my Hand at my first drum and bass song. I think It came out pretty good and I hope you guys dig it. Peace
  6. Final Fantasy VI & IX 'The Endless Search' Hear that horn? How about that organ? This one is some piece of work, definitely broadening the amount of genre's we have around here. I'm not going to lie to you and say that I really love this sound. It's just not my taste, but it doesn't matter what you like, you have to admit that this one is really very well done. Somebody who really likes this genre give this a good review please. Nice work NoppZ, try something different next time... for me, please! Only kidding, do whatever you want.
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