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Guitar Hero 3: Through the Fire and Flames...100%?!?!?

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Haha, my thoughts exactly.

Last time I played it, I also got 61%.

I'm very, very slowly improving though.

On the plus side, once I manage it, Jordan will be a cakewalk.

TtFaF is easier than Jordan.

GH3 has an expanded note window, and allows you to miss hammer-ons/pull-offs so long as you correct them before the window leaves. It is also a more sensible piece of music, consisting of a melody, rather than random mashing of notes.

Having beaten TtFaF (86% notes hit), I can still say that Jordan is not an easy song to beat.

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Yeah, GH3 definitely feels like they ramped up the note count and difficulty higher than necessary, but the expanded note window Sombrero mentioned helps to make up for it. I don't mind the extra difficulty much, but I can imagine it must piss other people right off.

I'd say Jordan and Fire & Flames are about equal difficulty. Through the Fire and the Flames is very hard for the entire song. Jordan is excrutiatingly hard for 45 seconds. I think working hard to excel at one will definitely help you out on the other one, though.

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DragonForce is cool but they're not the best songwriters. There are lots of cool guitar parts and breakdowns, but the lyrics are shitty and it's hard to listen to more than three of their songs in a row.

Does that mean I think that they are overrated while a bunch of other great power metal bands are overlooked? Yes.

Does it mean that DragonForce sucks? Definitely not. They're really fun to listen to and I'll continue to check them out as long as they are around.

I have a hard time listening to DragonForce anymore - basically I just got sick of them, which isn't an uncommon thing from what I've heard from friends. A similar thing happened to me with Rhapsody (of Fire).

The bands that have held the test of time the best from what I've found though (in metal) are Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Helloween, and Angra.

has anyone here heard their two previous cds? are they quite as good as their latest? because their latest album is really, really good.

Their first album is considered the best, Valley of the Damned (especially that title song) - I would pick up the one with the bonus track but that Japanese version is pretty expensive if I remember right. The regular version without that bonus track is cheap though ($12.99 through Amazon). Personally, my favorite tracks by them are Valley of the Damned from the album of the same name and Cry of the Brave, the bonus track from the Sonic Firestorm album. The band has the unusual distinction of putting some bonus tracks that are much better than a lot of the songs on the regular album.

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Beating Fire and Flames is one of those lifelong goals where I can die in peace after I've achieved it because there's no way you could experience anything more awesome than that. Not even being in DragonForce, because I'm sure even they couldn't beat their own song in GH3.

But in the end, is it worth the carpal tunnel?

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Is it just me? Or did they make some of those songs harder to play than they really are? Like adding in extra notes to make it more difficult?

Maybe it's just me, but I still like Guitar Hero III.

They did. The most obvious point to me is the breakdown portion of One, before the main solo. All Metallica is doing is chugging along the E string on 16th notes. There are no additional chords going on yet Activision added a couple of chords on expert just for the hell of it. In some songs, especially with Slipknot, they have really terrible two button chords that just piss me off.

I have no intention of beating Dragonforce on any setting, besides I'd rather try to conquer it on real guitar, if I didn't have other songs I want to learn first, like Nevermore songs.

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