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I want to build you a computer

prophetik music

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OK. Did I share enough info there for you to give any recommendations of what I'd be able to use? Preferably something where I wouldn't have to try to do thermal paste or anything that could damage stuff. :P

I would want to either keep having 8gb RAM or increase it a little but I dunno how much I should really have, I've been doing fine with 8

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new build pictures!

so, someone bought a new system from me and said it was ok for me to talk about their build on the forums (a rarity lately). it was XPRTNovice!

so we talked about the system quite a bit. he wanted a mondo system for music composition and recording, but it didn't have to be that big on the graphics side. we wound up going with the i7-4930K for the processor (3.4ghz, 6 cores, hyperthreading), 16gb of DDR3-2400 RAM, and a 7770 for the graphics card - tons of headroom for synths and samples, but not a ton of graphics performance beyond some basic gaming.

this was my first ivy bridge-e =) which was super fun. i've not worked with the LGA 2011 socket before and it's freaking huge. pretty cool. the socket's got built-in aftermarket cooling holes, which is neat, since it means no backplate for the CPU cooler. in this case, we went with the H55 self-contained watercooling unit by corsair. quite functional - it kept a 4.2ghz overclock on a notoriously finicky and hot CPU (for intel, that is) to ~50c under load to all 12 cores. if i replaced the fan with a really top-notch 37.5mm width one instead of the 25mm one that the fan came with, i bet it'd do even better.

regarding performance: i got the system clocked very stably at 4.2ghz with all 6 cores and turbo mode enabled, and the ram at DDR3-2166 11-13-13-21. i got it up to 4.5 and DDR3-2400 13-13-13-25, but IMO the ram wasn't stable enough at those timings, and i didn't like that particular set as much as how it performed at 11-13-13. i think that the RAM performance is honestly the same at those two, but it's more stable at 2166 since it still has headroom to be thrashed and not freak out. the processor heat spiked a lot at 4.5 so that's why i dropped it down to 4.2. this should be able to be comfortable in a hot room and likely won't even push 60c in a hotbox. i am super comfortable with that. it's also quiet as a mouse - the only thing that's loud is the little fan over the southbridge on the motherboard. i clocked that way down as i never saw the heat on that go anywhere, even when i tested the hard drives really hard. since there's nothing in the PCIs i doubt that'll get hot anyways.

anyways, pictures!


yes, that's a yoga mat. fantastic way to keep stuff off of a table when you're working.

cpu: i7-4930K - *drool*

cpu cooler: corsair h55 - easy to install, fits on everything. darn nice for a watercooling rig and we got a good price on it.

mobo: asrock extreme6 - one of the cheapest LGA2011 boards (at over 200$!), and i think it showed. no network BIOS update, no dual bios, annoying drivers, and some minor incompatibilities i had to work around with w7 x64. in terms of performance it's been rock solid, and the measurable are quite nice, but i didn't like the backend support much. also, the boot is weird - it doesn't initialize the screen until very late in the process, so you get like 1 second to push the button to go into the bios. my screen doesn't initialize quickly so i missed it like five times in a row until i put a 5s pause on boot there.

psu: corsair cx600 - one of the best 600w PSUs out there. this one had even better ripple and max load than i've previously seen, so i think they did an internal refresh or something.

HDDs: crucial m500 240gb and seagate 2tb SSHD. both are stupid fast. i am particularly impressed with the SSHD.

RAM: gskill ripjaw x 2400 - pretty good ram for the price. it isn't quite as stable at 2400 as i'd want it to be, but for the price it is killer 2166 ram that just lights it up.

case: Storm Scout 2 - love it even more than i loved the first version.


axxxxion shot. you can see the business end of the Storm Scout 2 case here - it's a fantastic case and definitely one i'm using in the future. the handle's this gorgeous rubberized material with a solid steel core, and the whole case has these tiny updates to the original storm scout chassis that just make it so nice to work with. my favorite update was a little cutout over the top left of the motherboard that allows for easy threading of the P4 connector to the power connector on the top of the mobo. on the old storm scout that was always a tight squeeze.


here's the setup without the back on. honestly i had a bit more trouble hiding wires because of the increased modularity of the case - there's supports where there wasn't before to allow the entire middle HDD cage to be removed for support for extra-long graphics cards or a custom raid HDD setup. this would be cool if it didn't block a lot of the cabling shortcuts i used to do. so it's a bit messier than my best with the old storm scout, but i did like 20 builds in that one and this is my first here. i am sure i'll get more used to it over time.


there's a better picture.

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i'm thinking about selling my current cpu and motherboard, and upgrading to a newer model. not an issue with my current set, but i want to try a low-power gaming setup and would need to sell my current stuff first.

i could sell the components or incorporate them into a new computer. specifically, i've got an i5-760 (2.8ghz, quad core) and a gigabyte p55a-ud3. the i5 was slightly overclocked for about a month of minimal usage, but other than that they're stock and have been in a loving home since i got them.

edit: looks like the going rate around the web is between 125-150$ for both the motherboard and the CPU. combined with some ram, a case, a decent PSU, and a good graphics card, you could have a nice gaming machine for under 475$ in parts pretty easily - especially with black friday deals. if there's interest i'll work up a quote.

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Just finished this beast a few weeks ago. This build ended up being around $1300.

Since this is my first time building one by myself, I was kinda worried I would mess this thing up, but it ended up being alot easier than I thought. The only thing that gave me trouble was installing the liquid cooling for the CPU (because the instructions suck) and cable management.

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I think I have that same PSU in my rig. It replaced an under-juiced Antec unit, and it's been amazing thus far. Highly recommended, as Rosewill tends make some good stuff, being Newegg's house brand.

their low-end units are decent quality for the price, but once you go over 450w you're looking for something that has high efficiency, low ripple, high-quality caps, and good long-term stability. while your unit might be doing well, the fact is that rosewill PSUs don't last as long as equivalent CM, silverstone, or seasonic PSUs, they've got some of the worst ripple among industry leaders, their PSUs consistently are the lightest in weight among high-sale manufacturers (implying poor build quality), and their efficiency numbers are usually inflated by testing them in coldboxes. i haven't bought a rosewill i liked in four years =(

i love rosewill accessories, and their add-on cards and the like are well-built and usually far cheaper than other units. i avoid their mid- and heavy-use PSUs, however, except in specific circumstances.

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haven't bumped in a while. i'm selling my graphics card now (EVGA GTX 560), too, so if you're looking to upgrade i've got a nice, well-maintained one for you.

If it's PCIE 2.0 I'll bite.

I'm in desperate need to upgrade my card to start working in UE4, but I don't want to shell out for a new mobo/proc/etc as well.

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