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Donkey Kong Country 2


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Song: Not sure what it's actually called but the music first plays in Lockjaw's Locker.

Why: Because it's a cool, fast-paced song that needs attention.

Genre: Whatever works.

Side note: I'm actually kinda surprised that Protricity hasn't done this one already. And all his Donkey Kong stuff is pretty awesome too. I guess everyone gets a little "konged" out after a while though. Tee-hee.

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Lockjaw's Locker had a great BGM to go with it, I agree on that. However, given its melodic structures I'm assuming that it'll be very difficult to make an arrangement out of it in comparison to stuff like Stickerbrush Symphony or that lava level track (forgot its name -_-). That's what made me think that Protricity might have not wanted to initially attempt it.

Someone could prove me wrong though, and I'm willing to see it happen :P

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