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Good Drum and Bass Tracks?

The Derrit

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He ain't strictly dnb but Orange Dust has made a lot of damned good tracks.

I've looked around online and it seems like archive.org is the only place left that has any of his music, and it isn't much of the total.

Hit me up on aim if you can catch me on, if you want to hear some of it. name is mobilisq

I will have to try and do that! I'll see if I can get ahold of you.

Dj Fresh - The Pink Panther.

Check it out, seriously, it's WILD.

Have and totally. Love the jazz flute breakdown, like the idea on paper's retarded but sounds so silky smooth.

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I get a lot of my DnB fix by listening to podcasts--DJ Marmix and the Digital Soundboard podcasts, both found on iTunes, are great.

EDIT: Oh, and do yourself a favor by checking out the Drum'N'Bass Arena podcast with D.Kay and his presentation of his album. Best jazzstep EVAR.

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