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Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

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Well there's no use arguing about it now since there's relatively no more tracks to claim. Everybody was all over this album project like white on rice, so it's too late to matter. He'll probably come back to OCR with a crazy good DKC2 ReMix that he's been mastering over the years with the skills he learned in some ancient musican temple... or something :<

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Wow, now that's anticipation.

This has fallen a little behind, since bahamut and I have both been busy as hell. Things will (hopefully) pick back up after next week.

At any rate, here's where things currently stand:

-We have 20 completed tracks (out of 33 -- we may end up dropping bonus intro if nobody wants it, which will drop this to 32)

-Of the remaining tracks, at least 4 are very nearly complete

-We have not yet put any real thought into designing the website; we'll likely do that last

-We don't yet have a solid release date, but we hope to get the project out before the end of this year.

-Of the 20 completed tracks, there are about 20 for which you will need to change your pants after listening ;)

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ugh why do I do this to myself

Every once in a while I listen to that 7 minute preview you guys whipped up, and it just drives me insane that I can't have more. But that's a very good thing!

I'm more than a little partial to this soundtrack in general, but I gotta say: take all the time you guys need to make sure you do this one right. I think you guys could easily pull off one of the top projects overall; right up there with Relics of the Chozo or Kong in Concert.

I think the biggest issue certain people have had with past projects is the balance of "quality over quantity." I honestly don't see this being a problem for you guys, with what I've heard so far, but I think it's something that goes unsaid around here.

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Haha, I feel so bad after hearing the preview. Hot-head Bop IS going to be rock-orchestrated. This has officially made my day :shock:

Are you listening to something I'm not, because Hot Head Bop isn't in it.

Though after hearing Nicole's most recent remix, I know she's gonna kill it, nah mean?

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