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my senior recital's tonight!

prophetik music

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and i'll post music as soon as possible after it's done.

wish me luck!

edit: everything's up at http://prophet.escariot.net/recital/ in both a zip of 128kb. here's the tracklist.

1. introduction (an email my sax-hating professor wrote to me ages ago that i couldn't help but let everyone else enjoy)

2-4. movements I-III of paule maurice's Tableaux de Provence. light french classical saxophone, and my favorite on the concert.

5. desenclos's Prelude, Cadence, et Finale. heavy post-romantic, mostly atonal, slightly serialistic classical saxophone. my pianist sucked on this piece, but it was still fun. by far the hardest piece on this recital, and it shows.

6. yuyama's divertimento for marimba and alto saxophone. there's a significant 6-mallet section in the middle that my guy messed up (very difficult stick change, apparently), so the 6-mallet part isn't as good as it could be, but it was still pretty good. very enjoyable listen.

7. jones's mass transit. AWESOME funk/jazz sax quartet, stomping included. very much fun, although we sound terrible. i played bari sax on this one, which is why the top sounds so wacked. it starts on two, if you're curious. and, yeah, we've only got two majors in the group, which is why we sound so darn bad.

and you can totally hear me laughing during the applause at the end.

anyways, enjoy!

enjoy, everyone!

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paule maurice - tableaux de provence (alto and piano)

alfred desenclos - prelude, cadence, et finale (alto and piano)

akira yuyama - divertamento for marimba and alto saxophone (duh)

david jones - mass transit (sax 4tet, me on bari)

it went well! not as perfect as i'd have hoped, but it went pretty well. i'll have recordings soon.

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