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FL Studio 8 Released

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I've been using it since the betas, so I can't quite remember all of the features that are "new" since they add them one by one in each beta version. However, there is definitely some good stuff. A few things off the top of my head:

* Automatic delay compensation for plugins like Trilogy that previously rendered with latency (very annoying)

* New *free* instruments/effects: SliceX (advanced slicer), Limiter (new comp/limiter), Soundgoodizer (maximizing/finalizing), FL Synthmaker (design & share your own synths and fx), etc...

* "Plugin picker" feature for easy organization and selection of your plugins via a graphical interface

* Tweaking any control will show text in the hintbar in the upper left when possible. So now when you move a slider you can see it go from -2.4db to -1.9 db, for example. VERY useful for precision mixing.

* 24bit WAV rendering, FINALLY

* Slip Edit tool in the audio window of the playlist lets you do editing functions just like Pro Tools or any other high-end DAW

* FL Chan. New mascot. Sooo cute!

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They had percentages only before, now it will display more precise details where possible.

Didn't realize that, nice. Checking everything out now...

lol @ Soundgoodizer. 1 big knob and 4 presets. Would be nice in the very least to know what each preset is doing, not to mention be able to configure them :)

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Well, you can change the subdivision of the grid at any time, so it's very easy to go from 4/4 to a triplet feel, or subdivide smaller than that. Then, you can also change the beats per bar on a per-pattern basis. It's not as intuitive as simply selecting a time signature to use, but I have no problem doing stuff like this:


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Sa-weet. Did they release a demo of 8 too? Or is the demo still FL 7?

Yes, you always have to download the demo first (even if you're a registered user), then you get on the site and re-register it.

Whoa, that I didn't know. How do you do that?

Well, nothing special. On that particular one:

-Clicked record

-Info box came up asking what I wanted to record, I hit automation & score

-Started song and twisted knobs to record

-Clicked off record

-Box appears in playlist in an open track where I recorded

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