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New VGDJ Released (and YES ITS VGDJ) - pg 1 link


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4 hours recording for a barely 1 hour show. Ohhhhh how I miss those days ;)

Plus the several hours more of editing!

I miss those days too, and I wasn't even around then.

...kind of sucks, too, considering that there were 2 or 3 meetups during then that occurred right on my campus while I was at college. KF

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Yeah editing is gonna be the biggest time consumer. The way it looks I may move broadcast day to Sunday or Monday, film on Friday, and edit on Saturday. wouldn't be too bad considering that my friend CJ will be doing the actual editing part (I'm not too good with Premiere), and I will prolly just end up directing.

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Well.... that... that certainly had little to do with either Zircon, myself, or the Panzer Truck incident, but I like the deplume with which you handled the situation.

Uhm, not to go off topic, but isn't deplume a verb? And if we're talking about French, what does a pen have to do with any of this :/

Hum. Did I just summon the Panzer tank upon myself?

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Podcast will be up Monday. If there is something you would like to contribute to it's assuredly overwhelming success, lemme know. We are projecting about an hour of airtime and can't just have our antics alone.

Schedule is as follows:

Friday is for filming.

Saturday for editing.

Sunday for uploading.

Monday for reveal and wrap party at my house. Good luck with that plane ticket.

My vision is to have this be a total community involvement as this a podcast for everyone. Plus I need some Magfest stuff.

See you on Monday.

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