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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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Hey guys, I figure since I'm going to start getting back into mixing again I might as well post my work space! There are quite a few additions since the last time I posted so here goes:






-Roland RD-700NX Digital Piano

-Roland SH01 Gaia Synthesizer

-Hammond L100 Organ

-Angel Melodica

-Gibson SG Faded

-Carvin Acoustic Guitar

-Mapex Meridian Maple Drum kit

-EPEK Birdseye Maple Snare w/ trick throw off and custom wood hoops

-Zildjian "A" Armand Hi-Hats

-Zildjian "A" Armand Beautiful Baby 19 Inch Ride

-Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin 22 Inch Ride Low

-Zildjian K Custom 18 Inch Session Ride


-Tascam US-1641 I/O Device

-Roland U-220 Sound Module

-Multiple Mixers (Peevy, custom, etc.)

-2x Wharfdale 8.2 Monitors

-2x Wharfdale 8.1 Monitors

-AKG K171 MKII headphones


-Berhinger C-1

-BLUE Ball Mic

-Zoom H1

-PC: Intel Core I7 @ 2.67 ghz, 6gb DDR3 RAM.

-FL Studio with multiple Libraries

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Very nice guitars Fishy, how long have you been playing?

...I haven't posted my guitars in years in this thread... But I think I've been playing for in the region of 8 years. I've only gotten any good in the last 2 or so.

SPEAKING OF WHICH here's my new one :D. It's a Jaden Rose, one man company in Wales. Makes incredible Ibanez style guitars but the build quality is ludicrously good.


Swamp Ash body

Maple/Mahogany neck

Pau Ferro fretboard

Dimarzio pickups with coilsplit

Hipshot hardware


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here's some of the gear i use (or try to use)


podhd500 for amp tones and effects, and also used as a midi controller for the eleven rack which is pretty much my main tool for guitar tones right now. top-notch amp modelling and some great effects, but doesn't quite have as many cool effects as the hd500, so they make a good pairing


some of my favorite drive pedals. from left to right; vox satchurator, custom-built bk butler tube driver with bias knob, vintage tubeworks tube driver, keeley-modified boss ds-1 distortion with fat switch, vintage (and super rare!) ibanez ts808 (i actually found this baby at a garage sale for $7!), modtone deep dive (not a drive pedal but a cool octave effect), bbe wah pedal, and my strobe tuner pedal. now for some guitars


my custom carvin bolt. sunset burst on an alder body, birdseye maple neck and fretboard, locking original floyd rose trem (kind of regretting this now), and a HSS pickup config with coil tap. the pickups are ok but i will eventually trade them out for something else. probably dimarzios (my favorite!)


my ibanez prestige rg1620dx. basswood body, maple prestige neck (very thin) dimarzio evolution set, also has a piezo pickup for acoustic tones


my other ibanez prestige rg. pretty much the same as above, but still has the stock pickups for now. i'm thinking either emgs or some duncan blackouts


fender american mahogany deluxe something or other strat. mahogany body, maple neck, trio of dimarzios (two cruiser bridge pickups and an at1 at the bridge) and a cool switching device called the toneshaper. my second tone knob is actually a blend knob, allowing me to blend in the bridge pickup on any pickup setting.


my gibson sg standard in natural burst. mahogany neck and body, stock pickups (which i really love. 498t and 490r i think) thinking about painting this one, though. maybe


my gibson les paul standard in neato goldtop finish. mahogany neck and body with a thick maple top. the back and neck are actually satin so it feels really nice to play. also, now with emg pickups! emg85 in the bridge and emg60 in the neck. went for the chrome set so it was a little more expensive, but these pickups are solderless, so putting them in was super easy. just connect a couple of wires and youre done!


probably my favorite guitar right now is my music-man candy orange luke. alder body with a raw maple neck in a soft-v profile. feels soooooo good to play, really effortless. equipped with an emg85 and two emg SLV pickups. super quiet and really smooth tones.


and i just picked this one up today after ordering it last week. new music-man petrucci bfr7. chambered alder body and maple neck with cherry sparkle finish. dimarzio crunch lab and liquifire pickups as well as a piezo pickup system. veeeery nice guitar. probably the most comfortable 7 string i have ever tried. that's about it i guess. i have some acoustic stuff but nobody cares about that junk anyway!

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