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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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yer not viewing it on a phone or something?

Ipad, that's what i was thinking.

But that doesn't make sense, lol. Even if i took it upside down, it should look upside down for me as well when i'm looking at it in the browser. Or even in the pic folder of the ipad.

Actually, the gyroscope thing should make any upside down pics impossible in the first place.

I'm baffled. If this was a consistent gravitational anomaly (or retard mistake on my part), then i should see you guy's studios upside down, right? ;d

So the remaining logical conclusion is...


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only thing I can think of (other than Satan) is you took the pic upside down by accident, and your ipad keeps flipping it over for you.

It keeps flipping it over for me when i view it as a downgraded jpeg on a messageboard? Dat sum stronk software.

For the record:


(Don't tell me that one is reversed as well, lol)

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all these awesome wood desks i keep seeing make me regret buying a glass one! it just doesnt look as nice, plus it always looks like someone smeared a sweaty hand all over it after a long day of mixing. I also regret tossing the box from my launchpad. i never thought to display it on a shelf, but thats a good idea!

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nOkbient, that's an awesome desk. I'm guessing the space underneath the shelves is the proper width for rack gear? I so need something like that. My rack is a pain in the ass to get to.

Yeah they are! Only thing: I don't actually own any rack gear. So, for now, I just use them as cubbies for my... well, stuff. It's also a bit tall. I need to sit on that hideous tiger pillow so i'm at the right height. I've had to hide some of the wires sprawling over my desk to under it, so it looks cleaner now :)

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not my studio but has anyone seen pics of Hans Zimmer's studio? its absolutely unreal. It looks like mission command for all things cool in the world.


its like a time machine!


if i could figure out how to make a coffeehouse using the concept of victorian furniture and old synths built into the walls, i would so do it. but im not sure where thats marketable.

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