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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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I'm actually in the middle of building a new studio desk, so my studio is kind of wonky at the moment.

I made an album of my progress, which you can see here

I'll put a picture up when I actually have the shelving on it :)

I love DIY studio projects. My friend is trying to make his own wooden coffin for a desktop DJ setup, he wants the computer encased in it :o

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not sure if this is the right thread for this; if not, i apologize.

for remixers who record vocals/live instruments, what kind of setup do you have? i'm hoping to record and was advised to create a good recording environment first. any input (or pictures) would be greatly appreciated!

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i think a treated environment is more important for mixing (unless youre using headphones obviously) but for vocals, i would look into something like this. cheaper and very effective

thanks Sixto! that looks like a pretty nonintrusive and portable setup, but the price tag is still pretty steep. i might just try to make something myself and see how that sounds. for example,

. probably could be a lot better, but it's cheap and gets the job done.
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Dude, the studio needs some serious work, both aesthetically and ergonomically. I just haven't come up with a plan yet. That wood paneling is just gross, and the desk is nice, but not built for what I need it for. It's also acoustically bad - and behind those 1/8" thick wood panels is the LAUNDRY ROOM AND FURNACE. So I get all that lovely ambient noise.

Synth is a Moog Little Phatty.

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Meet Douglas. My new, goliath, heavy, amazing, hulking keyboard amplifier I saved from destruction at my school. They were literally about to throw this in the dumpster because it was "too big and broken."


WELLLLLLL, it turns out these things still go on retail for $700. I guess they've just had it in a fucking closet for years. Well, it's NOT broken. They just didn't know what a freaking XLR cable was. It works PERFECTLY. I hate people sometimes...

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My humble setup. Almost all ITB at this point, though I want a few analog pieces to augment things (Eurorack!)


Yamaha CP33 controller/sustain/expression

i7 w/24G of memory

NI Maschine

NI Kore 2 Controller

Korg Nanokontrol2

AKG K and Q 701s

Sonar X2 Producers

NI Komplete 9 Ultimate

U-He Zebra2

Heavyocity Aeon

Spitfire Albion I

8dio Forgotten Voices

Various small libraries

Not pictured are a couple of guitars, a bass, and a bad electric kit (Simmons SD7) used to trigger battery samples.

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Studio revamp time! Got me a new Ikea desk, and added another monitor, although I did discover the difference between "active" and "passive" DisplayPort adapters a bit ($15) too late. Protip: if you want to use more than two monitors, you'll need an active adapter. Oh, and I'm finally able to integrate my MPK49 into my actual studio setup, instead of an old, clunky Yamaha electric piano. :-D

Anyhoo, here's mah gear in all of its gloriousness! And of course, by "gloriousness" I mean "relative austerity." :tomatoface:


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