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Philly Meetup - Pics page 15

Jillian Aversa

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Taucer, Katsurugi, Xenon Odyssey, Bahamut, Hyde, Escariot, and Kroze at the bowling alley


Group shot! Clockwise from left: pixietricks, zircon, José, Palpable, Amy, Xerol, Xenon Odyssey, Anna, Kulaman, djp, Bahamut, Kroze, Nicky, Escariot, Hyde, Taucer, and Amy II


Getting our BBQ on


Work it with that apron, Katsu


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Finally, I'm relaxing and putting up pics.

The usual exhaustion after a another great meet, made worse with that no-AC/traffic-laden/3hr. bus ride. Went right to sleep, then right to work in the morning.


Dave's Rii-al bowling doesn't have flair of his Wii bowling.


Dyne was damn good.


pix eventually got the hang of things, while I got nice, then slumped; been out of practice for decades.


Kats seems to be using an "imaginary-wiichuck" style.

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A friendly game of "..." what was it called again? Something to do with peasants and archbishops and stuff. I was king for one game; every other game I was pretty much Baldrick. pixie also played...


...along with Xerol and Vinnie, who kept winning...


...Amy did her thing, and Anna took Vinnie's crown and became drunk with power.

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So I'm back in NY after one of my top 5 worst bus rides ever to get back home. Twas a fun time and am definitely looking forward to seeing some of you guys again.

If people want, I'm willing to go to one sometime in July and I'll post a thread suggesting one tomorrow. The December ones are no good for you?

usually stuck at work 99% of the time between mid nov and mid jan. Very sad =(

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Still haven't got Sunday pics off, but here's a few I have up:


Loitering near "No Loitering" signs was a common theme.


Posting this before djp gets a chance to shop it.


Dyne was really good.


The spoils of victory.

That all said, there's a possibility of a mid-July meetup (location TBD), and then Otakon. After that, I'm planning an Ocean City, Maryland meetup. This would probably be a weekend in October. Condos are really cheap to rent there that time of year (a Friday-Monday would be between $40-80 each for 8 people) but I need to know what weekends work best for everyone. Any weekend after Labor Day weekend in September or October is up for grabs, and I'll be deciding by popular vote. Once a date is decided I'm going to need $10-20 from everyone who's coming as a deposit (since I'd need to put a deposit down when reserving).

One example of a place I'm looking at. (This is actually my preferred location, and it seems to be open every weekend in October. It's near the boardwalk, and earlier in October the water should still be warm enough.)

I'll make a separate thread for this soon, but I want to see who's interested here first.

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Haha, love that No Loitering pic! Man, we were awesome.

Xerol: do you know when Doug was planning on coming down to Baltimore? I definitely wouldn't be able to go the weekend of the 12th and 13th (music video shoot), and possibly not the weekend after for the same reason. Late July may also be a visit home to Boston, so I dunno yet if I could do this one.

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