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ORC 110 Monthly version July. [Results]


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- The Original Remixing Competition -


Welcome to ORC110.

Source Material

Last month winner was zephyr tread.

Zephyr Tread - Driven On: - MIDI

Zephyr wrote:

This is Driven On, I went and found an old idea for an original that I had sitting back in by folders and decided to finish it, hope you enjoy remixing it. If you're only "CONSIDERING" entering, smarten up and do it!


Good luck everyone.


20th July Midnight US East Coast

The contest is a monthly contest so the deadline is programmed to be the 3rd sunday of the month. Voting stage will follow till the 4th sunday of the month. Next context will start again the first of the next month.

The Quick Rules Rundown

Step 1 -Submission:-

1. Anyone can enter regardless of your remixing ability.

2. Filesize is limited to 8 meg.

3. You may only enter one piece. but can collab on a second one.

4. When you've finished your entry, post it in the thread, AND send it also to Submission@doulifee.com It's mandatory to avoid me to run after you for your mix in case of a dead link.

5. You may submit your piece as a MIDI, MP3 or OGG file.

Step 2 -Vote:-

Voting will be done via PM. Voting stage will last 1 week from the 21th to the 27nd Midnight .

Listen and chose carefully. Then throw me a pm with your choice.

About the comment:

You are now allowed to comment anytime EXCEPT during the voting stage..

that mean that once a mix is posted, you can feedback it, until the submission process is over. Remixer are able to fix/enhance it until the deadline. The date in the PM/Email will be used to upload the most recent one.

About a draw in the result:

It happen sometime. Both remixer are still officially Winner, but i'll ask the remixer with the less "Win" to send me his song.

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Possibly I throw something in as well. Hopefully Sadorf will do as well, so he can win this so I don't have to make a MIDI, I have never done that (like Zephyr Thread).
It wasn't so bad, FL studio is good for that because you can just make the song using normal workflow and convert it all to midi afterwards (except automation).

In short, ENTER! (You too Sadorf, and anyone else reading this) We need some more love for this compo.

huh....nice midi

Not quite sure what you mean by that, if you mean that you can't hear anything, I'm not sure how come it exported like that, if you turn the volume up to full you might be able to hear it, otherwise just import it into some host to use it. If anyone can tell me why it's like that let me know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

... OH YEAH! I TOTALLY CHALLENGE YOUR SIDE SIG TO A SIDE SIG BATTLE! (CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL= false) Even though I personally support yours, I have the people behind me in this venture! You stand no chance mere mortal!

(Please ignore this blatant topic commandeering.)

Bonus Entry; what the midi sounds like when properly rendered with real sounds and such: (not an entry though) Driven On, non midi version

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First of, thanks for all those entries. Glad to see people are still interested in orc. Now... time to vote:

Step 2 -Vote:-

Voting will be done via PM. Voting stage will last 1 week from the 21th to the 27nd Midnight .

Listen them'all and pick your top 3!

Driven on the Other Dimension By Bundeslang.

Hard Drive By just64helpin

Overdrive by seitokaibarocket

Overdriven On by Chavous

Zephyr by ProjectSpam

Download...listen and vote!

Side notes:

1. The deadline is in fact "unofficially" extended to the next monday for the submissions due to jet lag and my late work schedule.

2. Each remixer own a page dedicated to himself in the orc/prc database. Feel free to fill it (send me a bio via pm).

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My full song name is 'Driven on the Other Dimension', I guess googlepages missed the last characters.

I will send my bio before friday when I go on holiday for a week (be back at friday 1 august). So if I win this, I will have to do a quick original and send it in that friday.

What are the rules for voting for participants, can I vote for myself, or do we get a bonus when we vote (or do we just have to vote and not for myself).

Anyway, nice turnout and good luck all.

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