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FAC - Fan Art Competition 15 - Weapons - VOTING!

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where are the votes where are the votes where are the votes you all are making me very sad especially rambo because he loves tf2 more than atmuh :[

This couldin't be further from the truth. I hate TF2. With a passion. So much passion that I have to play it.

And I was gonna draw a God damned wicked level 3 sentry gun with the engie standing on top with his shotgun barrels blazing. But noooo, I couldn't tear myself from the game for 10 seconds.

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Hoooly smokes I suck - half of my entire two votes was from me =O

Does this mean I shouldn't try so hard, or I should try harder?? I'm thinking the former.

I must find the other person who voted for me and ask for a hug (in a completely non-creepy sense) :puppyeyes:

Perhaps I just lost votes because I act like an ass in this thread, but I think I'm seeing a trend here... Kirby = win, Teddy Bear = win, Nightmare = lose...

Clearly what draws in the votes is cuteness. I vouch for "cuteness" as the next theme! (My previous theme idea was "irony")

Congrats to Sindra though! I don't think anyone else had a chance =p

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:oops: Ooops, my apologies

Again I must bring up the nature of the voting rules: they're designed to pick a single winner, and leave all other entries in the dust. IMO Sindra's looked both the most polished and the most interesting - given past contest results, it looked like a clear winner to me (no offense to anyone!!). And just look at that terror bear - how can you say "no" to those eyes?? =3

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Whoa, 13 votes... that means I got second place (theoretically if there was a second place), that is quite a distance from Sindra's but still, good for me.

Enough bragging, congrats dude, can't wait so see this month's theme. Not to mention it was my first try at this competition so I now know what I'm up against...

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