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GTA: China Town Wars for DS

The Damned

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hey sweet the damned one thread for each new, awful thing nintendo announced at e3 instead of one single nintendo e3 thread!

I took that as flaming. Minor, yes, but still flaming.

Yeah, they had a boring conference. There's no denying that. But there are still lots of people that are interested in these titles. Hence, why not tell them about it.

Lots of us are at work and can't get to the big game sites for updates. Hopefully, they can get here instead for news. Besides, someone would eventually make topics about them.

Also, there's still two more days for games to be announced and previewed. Who knows what they've got in store.

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Very nice Bleck.

I see what you mean Damned but one topic with the new would've been more then enough. But whatever, if the mods agree with flooding when it suits them, I'm not really in a position to dispute that since I'm not a, y'know, mod.

I'm seriously hoping for at least a new zelda within the next days. At least that Nintendo, come on.

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