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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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It's already been two months? Damn, I thought it was just a few hours ago.

ffff why did I think it was. . .

Oh right.

Too many 9's when I was at the Town hall earlier. .


Also tonight, though it was fun, I realize that scrims aren't for me.

Takes a lot of fun out of the game when you can't talk to your opponents too.

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I have a feeling that the merged sourcemod installs are the cause of our current rtv problems, possibly with the mapcycle too.

The installs should be entirely separate with the single exception of the admins list and groups file.

Though they may be sharing certain shared config files in cfg/sourcemod and ./

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I just got stopped from starting TF2 by an update... but when the update finished it said it was a Left 4 Dead 2 update...

I'm going to restart #2 and see if there really was a steam update (it'll auto-apply it if there is).

Edit: Doesn't appear to be a TF2 update. No idea why the updater stopped me.

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fyi pregame mayhem kills and deaths and humiliation kills and deaths go towards your k/d ratio on hlstats community

can you disable the pregame mayhem so we can have an accurate k/d ratio tracking

Oh and I've been using this HUD that look mom a grebe drew for me but she told me not to post it because she wanted to fix some stuff but now she's satisfied with it so here you go!


This is what it will look like:


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Haha, I can't stop laughing at your signature, Random. Also, what was that Nathan Explosion sound clip that you play sometimes?

I don't remember what episode it was from, but it was Nathan reading from a peace of paper saying he hated someone.

I want to say it was from the episode with the therapist, but I can't be sure.

It's too damn long to be practical, and I've stopped using HLDJ anyway

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I didn't know if I should say anything about this, so I'm happy to see there are people talking about it...

I'm well aware of the idiots on the internet, and I'm a veteran when it comes to dealing with sexism on the internet; I can usually brush it off. But when I'm in the OCR server, I guess I don't expect this kind of stuff. And if the random pubby joins and starts with sexist comments, I hope that someone says or does something.

Yes, you could say today's comments of "OMG GIRL, LET'S RAPE HER BEFORE SHE LEAVES" were mild, but it still concerned me that nothing was really done or said. I've had someone say to me in the OCR server that I was "nothing more than a warm wet hole to fuck," and nothing was done that time either.

So I guess I'm saying that I'm holding the OCR server, its admins and the community up to a higher standard than to be expected of the internet, and I'm hopeful that I can rely on more people than my boyfriend to support me if this kind of thing happens again.

Sorry to hear that Bonzai.

OCR has had the luxury lately, of having many new people joining it. The only downside with this however, is that they haven't become familiar with the regulars and because of that they lack the sense of friendliness and respect you give to those you have friendship with. That doesn't excuse the behavior and it would be good to point out to these individuals, that such behavior is not something they should engage in.

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