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KORG DS-10 Synthesizer

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Well, it's out in Japan, and being the entrepreneurial spirit that I am, I have acquired a copy.

This thing looks like the real deal. The demo tracks provided give a good idea of what can be done. Sound quality is pretty meh, but for laying a track idea down on the bus, this is as close to FL Studio in the palm of your hand as you're going to get.

I'd review in more detail, but 1) I'm on my way out the door and 2) I suck at these types of sequencing programs -- there's a reason I stuck with music theory and Finale. Any FL Studio wizards out there: give it a shot sometime for a laugh -- you'll be surprised what they've put into the tiny DS.

I'll see if my digital camera is good enough to get quality pics of my DS screen, and put them up later tonight.

Anyone else try this out yet?

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Thanks for the links, but those are previews and it's actually out and available now, which is why I made the thread today and not months ago.

Pretty sure you can still apply music theory when using FLStudio. :P

That's not what I meant -- I personally just see things better in terms of absolute sheet music. If I offended you (or any of the million other FLStudio users out there) I apologize. Anyway, if you have a DS (and an R4), give this a shot and let me know what you think of it.

I'm hoping to post a demo composition with pictures soon -- others with an R4 please post opinions here.

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Picked a copy up, too. I have zero musical talent aside from whistling. I'm a visual artist instead :P

However, it's always something I've wanted to pursue on an amateur level, so I got this ASAP. I've donked around in FL Studio a few times over the years, and yes.. it really is like FL Studio in your pocket.

At the very least, I can pop out some little ditties or motifs for use in the 2D animations I make, and I'LL OWN THE RIGHTS :o

Really though? The sound quality is meh? I was pretty impressed, and I've been hanging around places like this for longer than I can remember. (I.E. I know what sounds bad, and this didn't, to my ears?)

OH! And a notice to the masses: The game is from Japan, but there is not a single bit of Japanese text in the game, it is 100% in English. The manual is all in Japanese, but the software is actually intuitive enough for even a non-musician like me to know how to work it.

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Bought a copy yesterday (yes, I BOUGHT IT!) and it kicks major ass.

Sound quality is superb as long as you don't use the DS internal speakers (duh).

I like the modulation options and the touch-pad performance pad with user definable scales is wicked.

The only thing I'd REALLY love is midi-sync but that's apparently not possible :/

Ah well, still a solid buy. You should all go get this and show your support for this kind of app.

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