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Spamtron Logo Design Contest


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Hey you guys! Spamtron here. I suck at graphic design, so I thought I'd ask if anyone here would like to design a logo and/or promotional image for my music. I will send a free copy to my new album, "Never Say Die" (coming out soon), to the person who designs the most badical logo. If you're interested, send me stuff here: http://myspace.com/spamtron

By the way, the new album is coming out on CrunchyCo soon. Stay tuned for details! It will be both an mp3 and physical CD release.

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Aite, I made an image over lunch; just kindof freeformed it while jamming to the tracks.


big version: http://oceansend.com/5502/ocr/spamtron/SPAMTRON-clean.jpg

or with some typography


big version: http://oceansend.com/5502/ocr/spamtron/SPAMTRON1.jpg



big version: http://oceansend.com/5502/ocr/spamtron/SPAMTRON2.jpg

.PSD just because I have .OCD


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Hmm, come to think of it, I don't know the answer to either of those questions. Let's make some up:

is this "contest" still on?
That's right, Snake. It was a secret government contest started by Big Boss in the 1970s. Any guidelines as to what the design should be like?
"Guidelines as to what the design should be like"?!
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Bump again! Hope it's not too videogame-y:


The amazing robot sprite was taken from Robotron: 2084. Coincidentally (I noticed this after I'd started making it) that's the one kind of robot in the game that can't die.

Total time wasted: about 2 hours =) I still like just64helpin's better

Hands down, that one's the winner.

I liked OA's too. He should use it for himself.

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These logos are awesome! Thanks a ton. Yup, this contest is still on.

I'm thinking of a futuristic 16-bit SNES-style design, but feel free to try out any ideas you have! it's much appreciated!

The album is finished, mixed, and mastered. It is in its final stages right now. I'll do what I can to keep you all updated.

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