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prophetik music

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Okay, so unless I'm able to find one at Goodwill or something for about $5, I am desperately in need of a 12V, 4A DC power adapter for a new flatscreen monitor (Gateway FPD1810 18" flat panel LCD monitor) I picked up. It would cost me roughly $25-$35 to order it from the manufacturer or some idiot on eBay. Does anyone have this? Help?

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I bought the monitor itself from Goodwill. I had a $10 in-store credit and the thing was $19 total. I figured it would be a worthwhile risk. It didn't come with the power supply, though.

Here's a link to the eBay auction, which has a picture:


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Game Cube (Black) + 2 controllers (black/purple)

Metroid Prime (gc) [in players choice case, w/ manual and prime 2 demo disc]

Metroid Prime 2 (gc) [in case, w/ manual]

Super Smash Brothers Melee (gc) [in case w/ manual]

2 GC Memory Cards

Rune Factory 2 (DS) w/ original box and instruction manual

Guitar Hero On Tour Decades (DS) (no box, comes w/ instruction manual and grip and pick)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Platinum Condition, pdg condition)

Grenadier (complelte, pdg condition)

Thinking about selling but not really decided about (eg. make me a really good offer and I'll consider it):

Chrono Cross (ps1) [original pressing, w/ manual. good to very good cond.]

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modified needs/selling list/etc
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Remove from for sale list:


Add to sale list:

Wacom tablet (model CTE-430), owner's manual, mouse and install disc included. $40/negotiable.

Reason: I don't really want to part with it but I don't use it ever and it's just gathering dust in between the rare instances of use.

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I put it up there for purposes of amusement and to cause people browsing the list to double-take or go wtf or both.

Which naturally I can't get any proof that anybody found it funny, did a double take or went wtf, but I thought it was hilarious.

Of course, if anyone does end up needing a transplant and I'm compatible well, hey, why not?

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so i've got a buttload of 360 cables and parts, and a ringed-out 360 (falcon with a BenQ drive). i'll take whatever i can get.

also, i can get cases for modern games. i'll charge 2 bucks a pop and ship as many as you want at the same time. just let me know. i can also get standard cases (slimline, ps3, psp, ds, green, ps2, or normal) for a dollar a pop. they're in nice condition.

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I am offering free, to a good home, my entire collection of Nintendo Power Magazines. You only pay shipping and handling.

I have 100 issues ranging from issue 20 (Jan. 1991, at least I'm 98% sure that's where they start) to issue 136 (Sept. 2000). I don't have all of the issues in between (owing to a few subscription gaps over the years), but most of them are there (plus a few from 2007). Their conditions range from like new to well used. Most still have their posters, a few don't. I don't think any of them still have collector cards in them.

They were a fun part of my life, but I plan to move out of state in January and don't want to lug them with me or throw them away; so if you're interested, they're yours! I'd rather give them to a fellow Nintendo fan boy and OCR community member than relegate them to a recycling bin.

PM me if you're interested and I'll get them all weighed and get you an S&H price.

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thats just a regular hdmi cable

this is correct. there is no way/point to go from the early 360s to an HDMI without an expensive converter. composite and component are analog cables, hdmi is (in the name!) digital. you'd need something to convert the signals, but there's no gain in visual quality.

arcade units are the hot cheap item this season. they all are jaspers, which fail less than 5% of the time, and all have hdmi cables. they also all have internal 512mb memory.

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