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Mega Man 2 'Wily Theme' (Metul!!)

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Mixing is terribly muddy, guitars are expectedly awesome, arrangement has some cool changes from source, but is aside from some new chords it's a little too similar to source. Pwnsome, but sounds rushed and, of course, unfinished.

Grrr...! Posting in the middle of my wip run...

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Rozo pretty much nailed it on the head...except I understand if one would want to stay a bit more relative to the source, even if it's been done by everyone and their dog.

Also, this was the dialogue in my head when I saw this thread:

"Oh great, another Wily mix, and it's metal...wait, wtf? SIXTO??!? WHHHAAAAAAT?!!!! *click*"

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Cool, def classic sixto, although I can tell you have only just started work on this :smile:

Rozo has pretty much said everything I can think of.

As a personal style choice I'm not sure I like the double time drums.

I would personally have the drums the same speed as the original for the majority of the track and go double time at the end of the track with one of your signature insane-sixto-style-solo's :-D although I know that is a stylistic choice so its cool with me how it is.

Well I look forward to hearing the finished version posted on OCR.

Keep on rockin dude, OCR needs more rock remixes!

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