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This is the best (most detailed) fix I've seen yet, but this is the general consensus:

The mouse? When I first started playing it was so laggy, sluggish and felt wrong. You can fix this though by changing the resolution to higher than 800x600 (default) and disabling vertical sync. In game it may help to up your mouse sensitivity so your character doesn't turn so slow, (thus causing menu's to be a bit touchy, but still easily navigated!) and Bam! The game is working with PC controls and no issues.

And then if you're having screen tearing issues, this is the rest of the fix:

Whichever the case, apparently the program "Rivatuner" can activate V-Sync from the outside. Quotations I've found from different forum boards regarding so and then some.

"Try using D3DOverrider that comes with RivaTuner to get rid of page tearing while keeping vsync disabled.

It works great for me in every game."


"The solution to vsync causing lag (other than disabling it), is normally to enable triple buffering, I wonder if anyone's actually tried that."

If you need to use V-Sync, use the video card's v-sync because it works better than the game's.

Those are the fixes that I could find. Hope they help!

EDIT: After a bit of looking, the people who took the 5-10 minutes to get used to the controls said it plays great. So it's a matter of preference at this point.

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Alright, got it this morning, turned on my gfx card's Vsync, turned off the game's Vsync, and turned the resolution up to 1280 x 1024 (my monitor's max), and the game works BEAUTIFULLY. Some people say the control scheme is awkward, but I haven't had any problems yet. Halfway through the third chapter and loving every minute. Great game.

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The comic prequel was pretty good.

But admittedly, I'm a slut for anything Templesmith draws.

I'm actually kind of psyched about the way they've set this up. Read the comic, watch the movie, play the game. That's a really kind of cool, interactive way to get into the whole thing.

Edit: Also, lol - "there's just too much survival and way too much horror in Dead Space for these countries to handle."

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So, I'm on hard. I just got to chapter 3, and I have no med pacs. I have 3 ammo for the plasma cutter. And I have less than 1000 credits.

How screwed am I?

No idea. Do you need to work on your aim? :P I jumped right into the game on hard mode, and I'm doing pretty fine as far as ammo goes. I could use more health packs though, but I never buy any for some reason.

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I feel so frustrated...

I've been pretty good at aiming. I might have wasted maybe 30 shots totally over the course of these chapters. Basically, those super-tough enemies in the morgue took almost my entire supply of PC ammo. But I have 9 nodes, so I can almost upgrade my PC's damage.

If only this game was more like Resident Evil 4. In that game, even if I ran out of ammo, I could spam the knife on Las Plagas. But in Dead Space, Isaac can't melee or stomp for crap! It's far less dangerous for me to use 5 ammo on a Necromorph than for me to use 3 to remove it's leg, and stomp on it over 10 times before it dies. By that time, it will have unavoidably removed at least 2 notches of my health!

Although I'm enjoying myself, this game doesn't screw around on Hard difficulty...-_-'

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Okay, things have gotten much better.

I wish I had better understood the upgrade system. I thought that since the PC's damage counter said 10 pts. that meant that I needed 10 nodes in order to upgrade. Needless to say, once I realized my mistake, I've now upgraded my damage twice, and my stasis energy once. I've almost upgraded my suit's health as well. I'm also finding a lot of ammo for other guns, but since I'm just going to stick with the PC, I'll just sell it all and get a ton of credits.

About 3 rooms after I started, I found enough ammo to keep me going. What really helped was to use 3 shots to take out one leg, then to stasis the necro on the ground so I could have enough time to stomp them to death. But 2 enemies are really making life tough:

1) Those bat thingies (I think they're called Infectors). THEY WON'T DIE! It takes almost 20 shots to put them down. I've tried using stasis and stomping it to death, but there isn't enough time! It wakes up before I can kill it, and it removes a TON of health if it latches on to me.

2) The tiny bug enemies. I can only seem to kill them one at a time with the PC, and that wastes far too much ammo. But if they latch onto me, I lose lots of health AGAIN!

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This game is more fun than scary, really...I was prepared to shit and piss my pants at the same time, as i was expecting something along the lines of F.E.A.R., but i ended up having a blast shooting limbs off of every monster i saw. No disturbing surprises in this game...so far. Yeah, monsters pop out of vents every now and then, but it's all fun blowing them up, not enough to lose control of my bowels.

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I'm doing a PC only run. (I figure it'll be easier to do on my Hard playthru, rather than my Impossible playthru).

If this is your first playthrough then you'd be much better off waiting to do a PC only run on a second playthrough since upgrades carry over into a new game (but not to other difficulties). Yeah it'd mean playing through the game again, but that's not so bad if you really want that achievement.

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I only plan on playing this game twice:

1st time - Hard difficulty, PC only, buy regular RIGs

2nd time - Impossible, use all weapons (I'll try the best and ditch the rest), use the free DLC suit on 360.

So no, I don't plan on doing a 3rd playthru. I've got tons of other games I need/want to play, and I don't have nearly as much time as I did before College started.

Besides, I often have to force myself thru a second playthru of any game, let alone how annoying a 3rd playthru would be.

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