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José chillin' with Capcom, what the F***?!?


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José AND Shael Riley.

Thursday afternoon, Shael cc'ed a message from Rey Jimenez specially inviting him to the event held in Brooklyn on Friday, since he lives so close. He also noticed that I live in the Bronx, so invite me as well. There you have it.

Shael was there with Devon and some buddies. Got my first look at HD Remix and "console" SFIV live. (Sakura was playable; I overheard "She's overpowered.") Shael held his own as Sagat in IV, but I scrubbed it up out there (I haven't touched a Capcom fighter on the regular since MvC2). They had only one of those new Mad Catz sticks: looks great, but I haven't tried it. Several tournament players were there... I don't recognize any of 'em, but I heard one was Justin Wong. The wait for HD Remix was killing me, so this will definitely tide me over. I went there straight from work, left near midnight, and pretty much slept until this morning.

The story behind the pic is simple. I, of course, wanted to hear the fruits of OCReMix's labors for myself. However, between the DJ spinning hot beats and the crowd sounds, I thought it wasn't happening. Then I had a brainstorm: I've got headphones, and the HD monitors had headphone jacks!

- If I haven't said it before, I'm glad "Sexy Trunks" was included.

- Finally heard Dave's Honda track for the first time, and it's excellent.

- No "I Don't Fight Boys," but the speedy revision of "Army Girl" is glorious.

- The HD Remix build wasn't "final," music-wise: one, there was no "hurry" music yet for Blanka... the BGM just went silent; two, the Vega music used was the next-to-last revision I sent... dunno if that will change.

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I do hope your Vega (Balrog) mix is in the final version of the game, Jose. It was probably the first song that I really liked right off the bat in the BotA soundtrack.

Also Sakura is not as overpowered as one might think. I think Honda got real cheap though. Still Chun-Li will always be my girl.

I couldn't tell ya'll what the Japanese music is like in the arcades, because the arcades they were in are so loud you can't hear it.

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Bah, Shael and everyone else there too?!? :'-( I hate you all! But seriously, Neostorm also lives in the Bronx; y'all have to holler at me next time you get news like this, because I could have told y'all to get him invited too. :-P

I'll have Dave check on the music status, more importantly on the Vega themes, as I'm sure the fast Blanka theme will be in there. I also heard what I think was the older version of Guile's theme in some on the newest video footage I've seen. Not to criticize, but since I'm the anal-retentive details person, I probably should have been more directly involved on the actual file checking. Hopefully any music that was inadvertently left off the final build could be patched, especially since the game has already been subbed.

Nice work bringing your headphones, José! Funny though, in tourney or big party settings, THAT's how the music gets marginalized.

One thing that I am slightly perplexed about is the fact that there is no mention of Malcos anywhere since the involvement of OCR on the SF HD game. He made an immense contribution to the Asphalt project yet (unless I am mistaken), his tracks are not included anywhere in the game.


With the exception of José, Stephen did the most music, so he's all over this game. With Red Tailed Fox, he did Cammy's stage (the new version is AWESOME, like Jose said; I love it), and then he handled Ryu (for anyone that's played the beta, they now know it well), Dhalsim, M. Bison and some incidental themes. He was an assistant director on the soundtrack due to his role as assistant director on Blood on the Asphalt, and so he's been in the loop on the soundtrack from day 1.

Other than that, we made sure to keep him OFF this project. We hate Malcos! :lol:

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Haha, this is great news all around from a sf-fanboy perspective and from an ocr fan perspective. I'm glad that the soundtrack is coming along nicely; I can't wait to listen to the final tracks. I'm also pretty jealous of Shael and Jose. I mean, you got to play the beta AND chill with J-Wong and I'm sure some other street fighter big wigs. And I'll be damned if that isn't Zangief from "Street Fighter: The Later Years" in those pictures with you. Where the hell did he come from?


Sak is back! Nice.

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It bothered me that I didn't catch anyone playing as SFIV Chun-Li the whole night.

Yes, Mike Fass mostly in character. I'm sure the first thought in most of our minds was "I thought he'd be bigger."

I had no idea about Neostorm. Rey didn't have my contact info; I was just lucky Shael did. Then again, location-wise, my screenname could be filed under "dead giveaway."

"Army Girl," so yeah, Malcos. And I didn't get to hear, so I didn't know what was on Dhalsim's stage, so thanks, Larry... "Reaching for Nirudha" was my absolute favorite on the project. When this game's released, I intend to talk to Stephen about extending "PTSD" (Cammy's ending) into a full-length collab.

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I just played HD Remix at the Eurogamer Expo 2008 in London and I am happy to say I like what I was playing except for the shitty Xbox 360 controller I was using (sorry Xbox owners). Couldn't hear the music properly cos it was too loud but I am looking forward to the soundtrack nonetheless. Street Fighter IV was alright as well.

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