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Wind Waker - "First Time on Outset"


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I find myself coming back to this thread just to listen to this tune, like 3 or 4 times a week. I'm so tempted to just download and keep a copy of what you have now, but I trust that you'll make it even better! I'm very excited to hear your progress.

Thank you so much for all the praise! - and have no fear, this one is gonna be good. I may upload a new version sometime soon, but the track is coming near completion anyway so I may just wait until then.

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This is a very unexpected take on the Outset theme. I like it a lot, though.

The synth sounds fit the part very well.

There's a nice build up at :40

at 1:03 comes the nice lead

some sweet arps at 1:20

a nice melody at 1:38

nice rhythm at 1:47

and then 2:30 falls short of its predecessors

Basically, what I noticed as I listened was that the song was amazing from about :40 or so until around 2:30. The problem is the intro and the ending. Perhaps more use of the chord structures of the melody might help in these sections without giving away the melody yet. Also keep in mind that in the game, this melody is sung clear and loud with very little intro or ending. Don't be afraid to do more of that in this mix.

Overall, there is a lot going for this mix. Just fix up those beginning and ending sections.


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Gawd I want this mix to get finished so badly, I really like it! Like everyone mentioned before, you can't help but feel lighthearted while listening to this mix: it's very cheery. I can totally picture this song playing in a 2D remake of WW haha.

Good stuff, wish I had the skills to help you out technically but alas, my talent is limited.

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god job is right (edit: yeah gollgagh beat me to that one.)

Not yet, you and chthonic still need that direct post.

i already have two mixes in the queue (btw one of them is a collab), so i'll be subbing this once either of them hit the panel.

Haha... now your fans have to wait until Marihana passes! May the schwartz be with you.

And oh yeah, nice mix. Wasn't digging it at first, like always, but, like always, the chippiness infected me. Makes me do left/right head-nodding with the beat. I even smiled once. Not many songs make me that happy :P.

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