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super mario land - chippy collab! (already submitted)

Benjamin Briggs

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I only have internet when I can steal it from a neighbor

she's probably shopping online right now, so here I am

listen to this! tell us what you think even though it's already submitted

that way we can regret a lot of things by the time they judge it

if we're lucky, we won't even like the song anymore by then

chthonic, halcyon - why so serious


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Ha ha, you guys... here's what I read:

hey! listen to this! we already submitted this so it's not really a wip at all. but we wanted to let you hear it now so you don't have to wait until it's posted to shower us with praise. i also have a hot neighbor!


But I give, I'll feedback it, but only because halc said if this gets direct posted he'll be god, so I really don't want to get on his bad side.

This is infectious. I listened to it last night and found myself whistling it this morning (er, this afternoon) after I woke up. Listened to it a dozen times or so and it just gets better; I think the chiptuneness continues to grow on me like a leech or a nice toe fungus.

I'd speculate that if this gets judged, here might be some of the critiques:

-realistic percussion soundfonts might work better (esp the heavy hit that's usually every other beat and the cymbals when they come in) and they also might balance the chippy sounds with some realistic sounds

-4:30-4:58 is a lull; doesn't sound like anything new is being done here so the song would be tighter without this bit

Written in invisible ink so you don't have to read it if you don't want to!

But overall this is fantastic. Lots of variety in instrumentation, er chips, and alterations in the motifs to keep things fresh. Really liked the progressive layering of instruments throughout the track and the variety of sounds brought in for cameos (though wtf is that at 1:25-1:30, it's cool but what, did you put bees in a blender?). I thought the breakdown and then buildup were nice because they weren't done just to slow up the piece, they helped transition back to the first source tune used. Ending was so cool; the guitar was a nice touch.

Awesome work guys.

halc - submit Marihana On My Mind! I'll keep bugging you until you do!

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There's another SML mix in the making!


First and foremost, I love the pace of this mix.

It does a number of nice little tempo shifts that break up what would otherwise be just another straightforward source mix.

The bass line is nice and rounded, though I would prefer it a slight bit heavier than it is currently.

The length might put off some, but i happen to like it.

I can't always enjoy a to and a half minute arrangement when I know there is more than could be done for it.

I also agree with OA and KB in terms of adding some more "real" instruments in the piece and making some more sweeping transitions the transitions happen.

One thing I wonder is, you two couldn't have added a swatch or two of the Pop air or Pop sub in there somewhere?

I love those themes, but i have never heard anyone attempt to make any of them.

Anyway, it's a nice mix with some room for improvement.

I certainly look forward to seeing this posted right proper.

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Excellent source tunes. This is a true story:

When I was in 8th grade and had an old game boy, I would advance to one of the levels with my favorite music on it and then just plug in my headphones and put the gameboy down next to my bed and listen to it.

Time would run out and I'd eventually die, but I had plenty of lives allowing me to get a good amount of listening in to the music before I had to start over.

That's to say, I'm really glad you decided to mix some of those tunes from SML. If I had one gripe it's that you don't play up Overworld 2 a little longer, but that was my favorite tune from SML so I have a bias.

Thanks for a great listen.

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