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Games and series that never pass away.


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Okay, well, games and series that don't completely pass away.

Yeah, so it's that time of year, right? Holiday seasons, yessir! So, anyway, as a mid-gen gamer (gameplay frequency = moderate), I was just playing classic Dreamcast games with my best friends. I thought to myself about why the games never died out. I found out that there are aspects in certain games that keep the game fresh for various reasons:

  • Multiplayer/Online competition: as long as there are new/many people to play, you may find yourself enjoying the game @ age 70. Competition is never boring. Examples: SSB series, Halo (but I almost never play it), some of the MarioParty games (almost never play those unless I'm with kids), Power Stone 1/2, MarioKart
  • Large character selection (Mortal Kombat)
  • Multiplayer Co-op (Street Fighter Alpha 3! 2-on-1? Hell yeah!)
  • Random outcome
  • Decent controls requiring marginal skill (Street Fighter series, anything like it such as the Capcom or SNK series)
  • Balanced luck
  • Emotional Depth (Castlevania series, Chrono Trigger)
  • Incredible stories (SA2B, Chrono Trigger again, lol)
  • Strong suitability to one's mood (anything good)

Guess that's it, unless anyone else would like to post more preferences and reasons.

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Three epic games. If you have a solid block of three games in a franchise, it'll survive, no matter how bad it becomes. They don't even have to be a block, just make sure you've got them in relatively close proximity. This has worked for Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Spyro, Mortal Kombat, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Castlevania, Guitar Hero, and the Sim-series.

As long as you have three good games, people will remember them and pretend that the newest incarnation is just as good, but not showing it yet. Then they beat the game, sigh, and play one of the old three again.

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I love Chrono Trigger dearly, but emotional depth? The only part I recall having any interesting emotional depth is the relationship between Lucca and Robo. Read more books.

QFT. Video games are bad at telling stories. I mean, they don't have to be, but they generally are. Where was that one YouTube link to someone-or-other on the forums here talking about video games and storytelling...?

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I will probably never stop playing Soul Calibur II. My friends and I have been playing it consistently since it came out, sometimes I play with my cousins, sometimes I play with my dad, and someday I will probably play with my children.

What about the fourth? I didn't care for the third nor the first, just the second. They even had Yoda and Darth Vader in it, but that doesn't make it good. I ask b/c I haven't played it yet.

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