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Presenting: Suburbia [Remastered]


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So... are any of these remixes, and if so, of what? (I'm sorta out of the loop...)

They're all totally original. Well, he remixed my song [The Third Garden] but that song was made almost entirely out of sampled stuff in the first place so it's almost like an original song [think Kanye West remixing Daft Punk... sorta].

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I just wanted to quickly voice how awesome this album is, even after nearly 7 years. Been listening to it on loop, softly, since I got home from work. Perfect thing to unwind to. Sent it to a couple friends tonight, I told them this was my go-to unwind/chill album. Two new fans now. 


Sorry to necro the thread; Just felt a little appreciation was in order. Skrypnyk, Thank you.

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