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"Henry Hatsworth" soundtrack available for FREE! (Comments & Feedback Highly Appreciated! :)


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This is by far not the first game I have worked on. I started writing music and doing audio for games since about 1998. Worked on everything from obscure and unreleased "Golgotha" to just about everything that came out of EA | Tiburon for the past four and a half years including but not limited to "Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventures" which is the latest game I have worked on. Incidentally, this is my last title as an in-house EA composer / audio designer as I have recently left Tiburon in pursuit of another venture.

~ Gene R.

P.S. Thanks again for liking the soundtrack! :)

Wow...it's kind of sad that I haven't heard of you until now. I don't buy a lot of EA games, ones from Tiburon included.

Good luck on whatever you're pursuing, man. Hope it's closely related to composing for games 'cause I'd like to keep an eye on your future works. :)

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Reviving this thread 'cause reviews are starting to pop up. IGN gives it a 9/10 and calls it "The Best DS platformer since New Super Mario Bros." The music is obviously praised as well.

"A nice mix of pseudo-orchestrated music and classic midi tones. Lance Banson’s music is legendary, and should be in every boss fight ever."

"If I could have the music from Hatsworth's boss fight against Lance Banson (Sky Pirate Magazine's Handsomest Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year) playing on loop for every boss fight in any videogame ever, I would do it."

The reviewer is referring to "Benson's Aria", which is my favorite track of the game. This is one of the rare moments in which I'm buying the game based on soundtrack feedback long ago from this thread. But luckily, reviewers are digging the Platforming/Puzzling hybrid.

Mark your calendars to March 17th, people.

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As I was reading this thread, I almost thought it was created today until I saw the dates, lol.

Definitely picking this up.

Lol same didn't even realise it was an old thread. But yeah, glad as anyone that this was bumped since I missed it the first time, checking it out now.

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