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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

    • Yes
    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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Aight bros, I'm afraid I don't have the webstream available for this Saturday, but I wanted to do a quick last show for the semester, so I'll still be handling that tomorrow, and hopefully can release #27's Post-Show, #28 & #29 to satisfy you guys for the next few months.

#30 is coming in September. I'll do a big thank you for everyone once I go home this Tuesday, but short and sweet, I appreciate everyone who's had a hand with the success of the show. I hate all of you deeply!

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Hm, I'm interested in collecting the older episodes(everything prior to #24), and I'm not sure if you're going to have access to your webspace over the summer. So here's an idea: Bittorrent.

If someone knows how to set it up, I can run the tracker off of www.lggaming.com, and all of the eps can get distributed that way. Also, future episodes could also get distributed in the same manner. Whaddya think?

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Ok, I'm in the process of setting up the Tracker on the site. If people want to start making .torrent files of the episodes, the announce url will be(once it's set up):


(this is coming out of the setup files for the tracker, so if there's any other info that's needed, tell me.)

Right now it's telling me I can't create a mySQL Database admin because "The system is either busy or unavailable. Please try again later."

So it might be a while...

EDIT: Yep, gonna be a while. I can't remember the password to the mySQL account we created 3 months ago, so i need to set up a new one, that's where we're getting the "The system is either busy or unavailable. Please try again later." errors. I'll try again once more before I get offline tonight, and if it still doesn't work, tomorrow then.

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Yo bros. I've had time to finish up the backlogged episodes of VG Frequency. Start things off by picking up the 20-minute post-show to VG Frequency #27 featuring Debotron & Bagel Fuzzynuts. I'm not sure what happened to the part where Justin & Austin presented me with the Girls Gone Wild tape, so I'll have to check for that footage when I head back to ATL in August. Nonetheless, enjoy some of my ladyfriends calling in and commenting on Bagel's horndoggery :!: as well as Tron giving us the lowdown on how he made the LEGENDARY VGF remix, "Shitty Judge Faggot." (Episode #27's MP3 and AIM chat transcript are still up for DL as well.)

Then check out the AIM chat transcript of VG Frequency #28 as well as the 2hr40min/112MB MP3 available as well. The playlist is finally available for you to disseminate, and I apologize for the delay. Enjoy, folks. I'll be putting up last night's special season finale information shortly:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, May 1, 2004 / 10 PM - 12:45 AM EST

1. SgtRama - VG Frequency "Eat A Bumper" Bumper

2. Koji Kondo - "Title Theme" [super Mario 64 OST]

3. Shael Riley - Contra 1 "Contra for the Children of the World (Harbor Fest Song #1)" [http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley]

4. Koji Kondo - "File Select" [super Mario 64 OST]

5. GrayLightning - Donkey Kong Country 1 "Machina Anesthesia" [Donkey Kong Country 1 Arrangement Collaboration]

6. GrayLightning & SnappleMan - Secret of Mana "Distorted Star" [VGMix2 #1353]

7. OverCoat - "The City That Floats in the Sky" [CompoST 15]

8. nasenmann - Advance Wars 1 "Mushrooms on the Rails" [The People's Remix Competition 14]

9. Koji Kondo - "Super Mario 64 Main Theme" [super Mario 64 OST]

10. zircon - "Daytime Insomnia" [Phasma Elementum]

11. Trenthian - Advance Wars 1 "Sami in Concert" [The People's Remix Competition 14]

12. Rellik - "On Wisdom's Wing" [CompoST 15]

13. Vampire Hunter Dan - Final Fantasy 8 "Love, Song" [VGMix2 #1343]

14. Koji Kondo - "Cave Dungeon" [super Mario 64 OST]

15. Just when there were no dumb calls, along comes this lady...

16. Unknown - Chrono Cross "Words Better Left Unspoken" [VGMix2 #1371]

17. Reuben Kee - Shenmue 1 "Reflections" [OC ReMix #1159]

18. Fusion2004 - The Legend of Zelda 1 "The Legend Lives On" (WIP 9) [http://www.networking911.net/mark]

19. Koji Kondo - "Koopa's Road" [super Mario 64 OST]

20. DarkeSword discusses Israfel's decision to step down from the OC ReMix judges' panel, asks Larry who could be qualified enough to fill Israfel's shoes down the line as the next judge, and goes over the nature of panel decision splits, Mustin's overgeneralization of the judges' panel, the potential backfire involved in trying to mainstream video game music, Kaijin's dismissal of freely distributed remixes compared to commercialized remixes, and the ethical reasons why going commercial with game remixes isn't readily accepted [http://www.darkesword.com]

21. Dj Redlight - Final Doom "Memoriam" [OC ReMix #1163]

22. destructo - Final Fantasy 8 "The Lost Horizon" [VGMix2 #814 / OC ReMix #1165]

23. Nixdorux - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "Lullaby" [VGMix2 #1366]

24. Shael Riley & DJ Potatoe - "Q-T-S-A" [GIIRDX OST]

25. Koji Kondo - "Haunted House" [super Mario 64 OST]

26. JigginJonT's plan to fool Larry into thinking he was Mustin was foiled; Jon also fills us in on feedback he's gotten for his band Grey's demo tracks, including comments he's received at Ben Folds' message boards, as well as rough plans on finishing up his band's set of demo tracks [http://pixelated.myrmid.com/users/jigginjont]

27. zircon - "Soulstorm" [Phasma Elementum]

28. Sir Nuts - Advance Wars 1 "Meet Sami!" (WIP) [The People's Remix Competition 14]

29. OverCoat - Super Metroid & Switch Panic "Brinstar Overgrowth Harmony" [VGMix2 #1342]

30. tefnek - Streets of Rage 1 "Drop and Roll" [OC ReMix #1167]

31. Eradicate - The Legend of the Mystical Ninja "From Ghosts Emerge Beasts" [OC ReMix #1166]

32. Koji Kondo - "Lethal Lava Land" [super Mario 64 OST]

33. Vigilante entertains us with stories about rancid filth in his car trunk, along with thoughts on the loss of Israfel from the OCR judges' panel, his plans for the next year, Digital Coma's secret, underground lifestyle, and his selection for the Donkey Kong Country 1 Arrangement Collaboration, "Aquatic Ambience" [http://www.geocities.com/jesse_taub]

34. D-Lux banters with Larry about fresh tracks from the game remixing scene, how Larry's F-bombs caught his mom's attention, possibly hosting his own VGM radio show in college next fall, and the fun of playing Booze-opoly [http://rockbottomdlux.freewebspace.com]

35. Shael Riley - CastleVania: Symphony of the Night "The Tragic Prince (Street Influence)" [VGMix2 #1360]

36. Unknown - "Lost in the Breeze" [CompoST 15]

37. Noir - Final Fantasy 7 "Jenova for Classical Piano" [OC ReMix #1164]

38. Koji Kondo - "Dire, Dire Docks" [super Mario 64 OST]

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Is this likely to become a permenant archive for all the VG Frequency episodes?

As long as we've got enough webspace to keep the .torrent files up. Since they're just single files, they shouldn't be too big. I'm trying to get the mySQL db up again, and hopefully it'll work this time. Wish me luck!

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20. DarkeSword discusses Israfel's decision to step down from the OC ReMix judges' panel, asks Larry who could be qualified enough to fill Israfel's shoes down the line as the next judge, and goes over the nature of panel decision splits, Mustin's overgeneralization of the judges' panel, the potential backfire involved in trying to mainstream video game music, Kaijin's dismissal of freely distributed remixes compared to commercialized remixes, and the ethical reasons why going commercial with game remixes isn't readily accepted [http://www.darkesword.com]

Wow I sound so smart.

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VG Frequency #27 MP3 (3hr10min/130MB) featuring Debotron & Bagel Fuzzynuts

VG Frequency #27 AIM chat transcript

VG Frequency #27 Post-Show MP3 (20min/14.3MB) featuring Debotron & Bagel Fuzzynuts

The LEGENDARY VGF remix, "Shitty Judge Faggot"

VG Frequency #28 MP3 (2hr40min/112MB)

VG Frequency #28 AIM chat transcript

VG Frequency #29 MP3 (4hr/164MB)

Thanks to Xerol for looking into setting up a tracker and torrents of the VGF episodes. I'll talk to Binnie & Species about seeing what the rest of us can do to make the idea work, since I know Binnie was willing to seed VGF #24 (April Fool's, beytoch!). And, yeah, I didn't get to thank DarkeSword as much as I wanted to, but thanks to Shariq for a provocative interview on a fairly touchy debate in the community here, i.e. remix commercialization. That was definitely a very informative 20 minutes or so.

For all of you folks out there, VG Frequency #29 (4hr/164MB) is a thank you of sorts to everyone who's been a fan of the show. I recorded it on my own yesterday evening, and it's an internet-only finale to one year/two seasons of the show. Making sure to pick no artist twice, I've picked one song from each of the shows I've done over the past year, including the random shows, and I've dropped comments on each of the tracks. You'll get the gist of it as you listen to the episode.

I hope all of the shows released in the past week will do until the summer, and I'll give the big thank you sometime late in the week. Meanwhile, please enjoy VGF #29, spotlighting some of the best music VGF has had to offer:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, May 8, 2004 / 11 PM - 3 AM EST

Note: The playlist is numbered to connote which episode of VG Frequency each track represents.

Intro: Jared Hudson - VG Frequency "JHX Soundtest" Bumper

1. Quinn Fox - Final Fantasy 6 "Mode Serpent" [OC ReMix #954]

2. GrayLightning - Phantasy Star 2 "Dezoris Winter" [OC ReMix #1065 / VGMix2 #874]

3. Ziwtra - Final Fantasy Adventure "Willed Assault" [OC ReMix #1012]

3.5. Wintermute - Final Fantasy 7 "Jenova Rose" [ironMix Challenge X: The Big One (Unmoderated)]

4. The Wingless - Megaman 2 "Teardrinker" [OC ReMix #786]

5. LeeBro - Rockman & Forte "Broken Dreams (Remix Factory Club Radio Edit)" [Freshly Baked Remix Challenge 2]

5.5. DJ Pretzel - Galaxy Force 2 "Nominal" [OC ReMix #72.5 (removed)]

6. Scarface VS Rayza - "Smile (Rude Boy Dettol Mix)" [http://www.rayza.net]

7. analoq - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "next my generation (sonik caves)" [sonic the Hedgehog 2 Remix Project]

8. DarkeSword - "The Alleyway" [http://www.darkesword.com]

9. Injury f/EXTX - "Symphonic Decon (EXTX's Overhaul Mix)" [http://injury.enry.net]

10. bLiNd - The Legend of Zelda 2 "Temple Trance MkII" [Project Majestic Mix Trance / VGMix2 #396]

11. Symphonic Chronicles - Megaman 2 "It's About Time" [OC ReMix #1071]

11.5. The Black Lodge - "Summer '99" [http://www.mp3.com/theblacklodge]

12. FFmusic Dj - "In Cold Pursuit" [Vector Mirage OST]

12.5. Maniac #9 - Stunt Race FX "10K cc" [ironMix Challenge VIII: Ask Mr. Owl]

13. Midee w/prozax & Jeremy Johnson - Axelay "Kick My Axe (Remastered)" [VGMix2 #95]

13.5. Star Salzman - Final Fantasy 7 "It's Hard to Stand Next to Me When I'm So Freaking Seasick" [ironMix Challenge X: The Big One (General Discussion)]

13.99. Pixelated - The Legend of Zelda 2 "Crying Alone in the Darkness" [VGMix2 #411]

14. virt - Shadowgate "Warrior King" [VGMix2 #41]

15. mv - Chrono Trigger "Time Chill" [VGMix2 #211 / OC ReMix #1132]

16. Midiman - Super Mario World 1 "Flying Donuts" [VGMix2 #403]

17. Hazama - "Filtered Memories" [http://www.gamer911.com/haz.html]

17.5. Beej - The Legend of Zelda 3 "Fragments of Gold" [OC ReMix #791]

18. OverCoat - "Avatarati" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

19. The Bronx Rican - Sonic Adventure 1 & Sonic Adventure 2 "Knuckles' Unknown from M.C." [OC ReMix #1134]

19.5. Daniel Baranowsky - "Odyssey 12" [http://members.cox.net/systemaniac]

19.75. Gecko Yamori - Miami Vice "Miami Vice Loader (Miami Gecko Mix)" [R:K:O #1837]

20. Ubik & zykO w/Perry Ellis - Astérix "Niggaz 4 Life" [VGMix2 #60 / OC ReMix #1125]

21. Protricity - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Forest Birdcussion" [OC ReMix #1138]

22. JigginJonT - F-Zero 1 "Silent Progression (Remastered)" [OC ReMix #1143]

23. Thomas Detert - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom "Ethno Revenge" [R:K:O #1273]

24. Blak Omen - Super CastleVania 4 "The Belmont Chill" [The People's Remix Competition 12 / VGMix2 #1145]

25. Beatdrop - U.N. Squadron "The Air Up Here" [bit by Bit]

26. Electron - Megaman 2 "Bubbleman Electron" [OC ReMix #143]

27. Disposer - Secret of Mana "The End of Loneliness" [VGMix2 #1307]

28. Shael Riley - CastleVania: Symphony of the Night "The Tragic Prince (Street Influence)" [VGMix2 #1360]

29. Malcos - Sonic the Hedgehog 1 "Final Boss Collision" [OC ReMix #1169]

Freestyle Bonus: zykO w/Species 8472 - "Drunk & Trippin'" [VG Frequency #20: Doobie-Doobie-Doo (Post-Show)]

Tribute Bonus: Destiny f/Species 8472 & Liontamer - Seiken Densetsu 3 "This Heart (Tribute to VG Frequency Redux)" [VG Frequency]

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I'm starting to think this isn't going to work. However, here's the client:


Whatever you put it up on needs:


Access to a mySQL database

2-3 megs for the client + torrent files.

I'll keep trying, since I do want my own tracker up anyway. Also, sometime in the next 2-3 months I'm going to be getting a large personal webspace on 1and1 so that should work, since you're allowed to do things more directly with them. (I think they've got a 200MB plan for less than $10/month)

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Damnit, Larry! Why'd you have to wait and release the post-show until after I lose internet access? Can I get it from someone in August?

If I(or someone else) can get the BT Tracker up and running, they'll all be available for quite a while.

Apparently what happened was we set up the mySQL database shortly after setting up the website, and we forgot what the username and password were. (Last minute edit: We may have figured it out.)

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As much as I love doing VG Frequency, it's pretty relaxing to know that I don't have the personal responsibility to prepare shows every week over the summer. On the downside of course, I don't get to do my share of pimping out music from around the community during the summer, but I can't wait to be back in September to continue doing the show.

Now that I can record VGF myself in high-quality MP3s all week, I've gotten so much more exposure for the show, and I thank all of the people from the US, Canada, Sweden, Finland, England and wherever else all checking it out thanks to the forums here as well as Ormgas.com linking to info about the show.

While it would have been great to have this show back in 2000 or 2001, the community-at-large has risen to higher standards thanks in large to the increased standards of OverClocked ReMix's submission process, and I think doing this show starting in 2003, when those remix standards are loftier, is a big part about why the majority of the music on VG Frequency is of such high quality (with the exception of course being anything played by Digital Coma). The music of Season 3 of VGF will only continue to impress, and I hope more and more people will enjoy what we've got to offer. When I say "we," it's because so many people of the community have been generous with their time and appreciation for what VGF is doing.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to support the show and tuning in Saturday nights. A lot more people are aware of the show than ever, and I've gotten to know even more artists and fans than before. A big part of that is in part to the people who have called in for interviews and/or just chilling on the air, those who hang in the chat room or make bumpers, and those who make sure to ask me to play their material or give me the heads up on new stuff they're working on. There are literally too many people to list, but I'm glad you're all there. Let's not forget the April Fool's show this year, highlighted with the legendary prank calls of Dan Baranowsky, as well as the cult following of Jim Holland and the three remixes Mr. Holland's appearences have inspired (Tasteful, Shitty Judge Faggot, Krisham's Auntie). You guys can feel free to selfishly pimp yourselves here in the thread. It's my pleasure to have all of you contribute to VGF every week, and I enjoy being more knowledgeable and appreciative about what goes on in the community.

Please download the last three episodes of VG Frequency of the Spring 2004 season, if you haven't done so already and check out what the deal is. Once I'm done hosting those episodes, I'll finally host the full playlists of every episode I've ever done, along with some AIM interviews and various extras that I'm hoping to add to my WMRE website area. Maybe at some point, we can also get a torrent system set up to offer up all of the available episodes. VGF will drop every Saturday night, 10 to Midnight EST once we hit September. I hope y'all continue to support to show as we wait for episode #30 to roll around!

- Larry Oji

VG Frequency #27 MP3 (3hr10min/130MB) featuring Debotron & Bagel Fuzzynuts

VG Frequency #27 AIM chat transcript

VG Frequency #27 Post-Show MP3 (20min/14.3MB) featuring Debotron & Bagel Fuzzynuts

The LEGENDARY VGF remix, "Shitty Judge Faggot"

VG Frequency #28 MP3 (2hr40min/112MB)

VG Frequency #28 AIM chat transcript

VG Frequency #29 MP3 (4hr/164MB)

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Since I don't have the pulpit of my radio show to promote stuff from around the community, I wish to encourage others to continue searching around the community for quality music. How much time I have during the week to find tracks (on a dial-up connection) will vary, but I'll do my best to stay active doing a short list each week of tracks I'd play and stuff going on in the community:

Abram McCalment & Jared Hudson - "Spooky Ride" [Dead End Delivery OST - http://www.hudsonstudios.net]

Following up on their collaborative efforts a short while with "Softly", Abram & Jared provide a short track for a campy horror movie. Tracks like these are always a good excuse for Jared & Abram to play around with new ideas and pull, as Jared would say, "a new feather out of our ass." In any case, this is a nice short piece with which the duo continue to increase their versatility and production skills.

Crazy Crackaz - "<3 Jesus" [http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley]

Joecam, Shael and the Crackaz poke fun at Double A Ron for his moralist rejection of "River City Rap." [clears throat] What I meant to say is, the Crackaz have found Christ! Some of the choral parts are downright South Park. You'll know when you get there. I'm a serious Christian, but if there's one thing I also have it's a sense of humor. If you don't have one, don't bother folks.

DistantJ - Sonic the Hedgehog 1 "Lava Twilight" [VGMix2 #1399]

While the arguement about judging standards is nothing we haven't heard before, every so often a mix comes around that get the debate/flamewar active again. Formerly known as Sambo9000, J attracted a fair amount of attention/controversy over this mix's rejection by the OC judges' panel. Since that rejection, J has taken the mix and retooled it into the version now available at VGMix. Is this effort worthy of getting posted at OCR? You be your own judge.

FFmusic Dj - Einhänder "Dawn" [http://www.ffmusic.net]

I myself am not familiar with the music from Einhänder, but this one is 9 minutes and 25 seconds of awesome trance. Tons of energy and very danceable as well, this one would easily fit into a club set. You wouldn't know that this was derived from a game, and therein lies a lot of the success of Haroon when it comes to excellent genre adaptation. He's also got some other hot WIPs that should impress when he finally decides to release those. Since I can't play this one on the air, you're gonna have to wait your turn for this one, but hopefully you'll remember I mentioned this one when you finally check it out. Could we see an OC edit down the line?

GrayLightning - Shining Force 1 "Armageddon" [http://www.funender.com/music/bands/422/music.php]

Despite telling me that he was gonna focus a lot more on original work, GL's been really active on the remix front recently, with tons of good stuff. This is an epic, militaristic mix that Gray believes combines all of the elements and concepts of his most recent remix successes, including Dezoris Winter, Asian Twilight, and Phoenix Symphonic (if you've been lucky enough to hear that). The site won't lead you to the mix or anything, but it's a pleasent thought!

Itopia - "Picture" [Means to an End - http://www.itopia1.com]

Stefan Ajax's band has some quality demos now available at their site, including this one along with "Song III," "Means to an End," and "Set Your Mind." If you're interested in AmIEviL's mixes, give his original work a try, since that'll be where the majority of Stefan's musical energy ends up going now. In my opinion, "Picture" is their best offering in this batch of releases.

Ork Estral (Nigel Simmons) - Secret of Mana "Return to Elysian Lands" [VGMix2 #1289 / OC ReMix #1172]

As Digital Coma would say "Ork Estral...that name is really clever." The handle does fit though, as Nigel starts off with a melancholy/solitary aura, and moves back and forth in and out of more powerful crescendos that make use of his orchestral strengths. It's an energetic rendition of Kikuta's "Angel's Fear" that's likely to win over fans of other mixers like Unknown as well as Protricity and Russell Cox's #1 homie, Jeremy Soule.

Protricity - Zombies Ate My Neighbors "Neighburgers" [http://www.public.asu.edu/~arasulin]

Prot does a heavy electronic rock remix from the old SNES title featuring music by The Fat Man & Joe McDermott. Ari always does his best to fashion brand new melodic lines and freestyle sections within his mixes, and this one's no exception. There are some good twists and turns here, and the paranormal motif is apparent throughout. When this one'll see the light of day is anyone's guess, but if Prot doesn't hate you maybe you can get a 5-second sample of it. Actually, Forget I even mentioned this. Just head to Ari's site and DL Relics of the Chozo if you haven't already. That should keep you busy. EDIT: Ari Asulin is an ungrateful fgt. :-)

Rayza - Mystery Piece [http://www.rayza.net]

If you know about this one, then you know. If you don't, then you've gotta wait. So wait patiently. "Electro Beat Beat Beat." :-P

Select Start - Metroid 1 "Kraid's Hideout" [OC ReMix #1171]

Even though the strings are fake (right, Prot?), this is a haunting Kraid remix by a remix band that has been getting people's attention even before they finally hit OCR. If you haven't heard this one yet, be sure to check out a game remix band that, like mightcould/Motherbrain!, isn't a rock-related game remix band.

Shael Riley - Megaman 1 "What Key Are We In, Cutsman? (Version 2.0)" [VGMix2 #148]

Shael brings a WIP that was on the shelf for a while into the forefront with this one's release on VGMix. This one has a nice laid-back feel to start off with, but true to the mix title, the key switches up on more than one occasion. Much like his CastleVania: SotN mix "The Tragic Prince (Street Influence)," Shael gives you a number of twists and turns with this interesting hybrid piece.

Sil (Jeremy Robson) - Super Mario RPG "The Mushroom Wedding" [The People Remix Competition 15]

Sil won PRC15 with this festive, light-hearted mix that keeps in spirit with much of the music from the original game, narrowly beating out ReaktorZ0 and other more impactful-sounding entries to take the victory. Could this be the mix that Jeremy uses to get back onto OCR after parts 2 and 3 of the FF7 Symphonic Suite didn't make it onto the site?

SnappleMan - Donkey Kong Country 1 "Kwak the Plank" [Donkey Kong Country 1 Arrangement Collaboration - http://www.inverteddungeon.com/SnappleMan]

This one's a powerful, guitar-focused remix of "Gang-Plank Galleon" that's the second completed track for Digital Coma's DKC Arrangement Collaboration. The classic DKC final boss theme fits well with the energy Snap brings to the table, and although the website for the project currently sucks, it's not Snapple's fault. :-) Visit it anyway...I guess. Better yet, forget the ugly DKCAC site and visit SnappleMan's site "SnappleLand" instead.

Star Salzman - "Something Magic" [http://www.starblast.org]

Starblast has been focusing more on the original side of his work lately as well, recently coming out with this pure pop ode to a special lady out there. Of course, "she" could refer to any number of other things though, such as a boat or a country. In any case, (closet) fans of Smashmouth may be feeling the vibe here, as Star further proves how musically adept he is when going for a mainstream feel. Star: "Now 'Something Magic,' I can see how people could easily be like, 'OMG, this is ghey.' The lyrics are rather fruity." With a ringing endorsement like that from the man himself, I don't think there's any reason you could have to NOT check this one out.

zircon - "All the Weapons Are Foam!!" [CompoST 16]

zirc always possess creativity & versatility whenever he enters SoundTempest's regular game music composition compos. For this one, Andy served up a quick and quirky rendition of a shop theme. As the man responsible for SoundTempest, zircon can always give you the layout on what interesting efforts are coming out of the woodwork as remixers ply their musical hand on the original game music side.

zykO - Luigi's Mansion "The Anti-Ignorance (Thug 4 Life)" [VGMix2 #1445]

Double A Ron wouldn't be very supportive of weed's latest rap track, but zykO cuts loose as the anti-ignorance, hitting the music from "E. Gadd’s Laboratory" one more time as he cuts down the haters. These are some hard rhymes, so keep the chilluns away. After weed said that he'd be taking a break from the remixing scene, don't mistake this mix as zykO coming back full force. It's more like a break from him focusing on original material, plus he can't just NOT respond to criticism. What kind of weed would that be? Full lyrics are available at VGMix.

FFmusic Dj & zykO were just some of the members of the community who got a chance to check out the Final Fantasy music concert Dear Friends when it hit Los Angeles at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this past Monday. Check out the OCR and VGMix threads for more info on how things went down (and make fun of poor Tidus. Poor, poor Tidus).

zykO & Mustin got to hang with Tommy Tallarico over at E3 this year. Tons of shit has been announced this year, so feel free to post about Nintendo's big plans and take part on the discussion on the expo within OCR and VGMix.

JigginJonT is always a busy individual, so the chances that you'll be able to bug him about this are minimal. Jon may hurt me, but in any case he's got an AWESOME Mute City WIP going on right now. Just remember you heard about this one, because you'll most likely love it when it finally drops. Just something else to whet your appetite over the summer.

When IS Adhesive Boy gonna come back with AB Frequency??? :-(

As I've already said on several occasions, DarkeSword is my official VGF All-Star. Out of 38 shows, he's appeared on the air of 11 of 'em. Damn, that's a lot of time on the air. DarkeSword's calls and the music of his I've played could fill up a 4-hour show of their own.

Also wanted to say that I'm glad to see Beatdrop back on the OC judges' panel. It was definitely a shame when he stepped down a short while ago, but hopefully his energy and enthusiasm for the panel has returned to help the rest of the panel out. Thanks for coming back and being active when the system needs ya. (Dain is my hero!)

If you're interested in me continuing updates like these every week (when I can), please let me know. In a way, it's partly in step with the monthly newsletter VGMix hopes to do. In any case, I hope you check out these various works and retain a broader awareness of the vast selection of muzak coming out from the community during the summer. Lots of quality stuff is in the works and OCR4 is closer than ever, so things'll be pretty busy. Also, if there's any interest in having Ormgas.com replay the high-quality episodes of VG Frequency (#21-#29), lemme know and I can ask ravon. Great idea, Dhsu! I couldn't say if he'd go for it, but that's certainly a novel idea. Feel free to drop any questions or comments within.

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