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OCR01807 - Chrono Trigger "Close Door All Way"

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Strange name...

FYI, Has to do with the fact that the source plays after you open the special sealed doors in CT. Man, I miss CT...with all the retro madness going on these days, they should bring it back for a proper 2d sequel. DS where you at? Anyone played the DS remake, BTW?

Off topic much. Still love this remix :D

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Gosh, I've been listening a lot to this one lately! I really love it :D It may seem a bit loud, too distorted and just... Weird? It doesn't seem quite cohesive at first, but it quickly grew on me. The atmosphere here is absolutely breathtaking, man. Especially enjoy that part from 4:46 - sooooo good! Absolutely top-notch stuff :)

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