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New time travellin' game coming


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Wow, I just watched the videos, I wanna try this out right now! I love how the time waves system works, you can effectively screw yourself over in an effort to get ahead and not feel the effects of the loss until a few minutes go by. That and with chronoporters, so long as you remember which unit was supposed to be where in time, you could make a whole army out of just one unit.

The whole "outdoing the other guy" concept is huge here, you're gonna need to decide which battles it's most important for you to avoid or change.

This is really cool *watched*

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Very Exciting, This kind of engine could be the basis for a "Lost" RTS, once all is said and done with the series.

Only problem with that is the time travel in "Lost" is all about "whatever happened, happened." Time travel, regardless of whether you're dealing with a multiple dimension viewpoint or a single timeline viewpoint, assumes predestination. That Chrono Trigger stuff (as much as I love the game) just can't happen.

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