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Today I got that inevitable message saying that my McAfee subscription is due to run out soon, which usually isn't a problem; the rest of my house agreed we'd go three ways in a 3 computer license, and just update that as we go. But now the three computers are stuck on three different antivirus programs. Its getting a tad expensive.

That in mind, we need to go back to having just the one program. While my preference is to McAfee, I'm told that Norton sucks less now. I'm skeptical, but then again, stranger things have happened.

So we need some sort of internet security setup (so antivirus, firewall, antispam etc; the usual deal) that'll allow us to have three computers on the one plan, which is all fairly normal, but I want to know what's best in your opinions?

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Norton 2009 heavily markets the fact that it takes up MUCH less system resources than its predecessors. Which is a good thing.


Hate to link to a site that's essentially advertising... but maybe this can give you a rough idea about the antiviruses.

Personally I use the latest Norton Internet Security (and before this I had the 2008(?) version). It does take up less system resouces, so that's a good thing I guess. Also, with the old Norton, whenever I double clicked the icon in the system tray to open it, it would take up to 10 seconds to fully load. Now, if I double click Norton shortcut in the system tray, it loads instantly. So I believe it's optimized a bit.

Nonetheless, I have had a few annoyances with it - it seems to wait until your computer is "idle" (default 10 minutes of low computer activity), it starts running ALL KINDS of background tests, from quick scans, to full idle system scans. I've only had one problem with it running a scan whilst I was in the middle of something, because my computer was achingly slow. Since then I've set the "idle" wait period to 30 minutes (the maximum).

In the past I've had Micafee, but I didn't like it much. Mostly because of the fact that when the subscription ran out, it had a VERY INTRUSIVE POPUP notification about this. Even when my Norton 2008 subscription ran out, it only popped up once a day.

Another thing; I've heard Kaspersky is a stronger antivirus than Norton... but heck, the best antivirus is common sense IMO. The only reason why I have Norton is because my dad purchases a 3-user package, so I just install it on my computer for peace of mind. Even without the antivirus I doubt I would have had many problems anyway.

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I hear that :-o

But its nice to hear that Norton isn't as terrible as it used to be, but those idle scans would annoy the hell out of me. Are you sure there's no way to turn them off?

I'm using Norton, and really, the only indication that a background scan's even taken place is a small pop-up on the taskbar for about 5 seconds informing you that it's done. It's a hell of a lot better than before.

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norton is excellent. it's probably the best on the market.

and, honestly, ram is so cheap nowadays that 'i run out of system resources' is the shittiest excuse ever. spend 20$ and buy another gig (or three).

edit: kaspersky has a habit of permanently deleting important files, in my experience. it's a little tougher to use, too.

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The problem with AV programs and system resources is really HDD access. With that in mind, Norton isn't all that bad anymore. Just make sure you ONLY get the Antivirus, not their bloatware bundle packs like Norton Internet Security.

Personally, I used AVG free on all of my machines.

You DO NOT need a firewall or antispam package. These features are already provided by your computer, and in a much less annoying and intrusive implementation.

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I've heard from friends that Avast works well. I personally don't use any antivirus software, but relatives of mine have had me clean their computer and Avast worked seemingly well. It's free, too.

The best antivirus ever is backing up your data and not downloading sketchy stuff.

I know people who use Avast, and apparently it works quite well. I use Norton, I also

like Spybot Search & Destroy, which is more antispyware, but it's still great (and free).

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I recommend Kaspersky, as it does a fantastic job at finding everything, but like prophets of mephisto said, it sometimes gets important files, so you have to make sure you aren't deleting anything important. Unfortunately, I can't use it as my school requires Symantec Antivirus on all computer on the network...

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Anything else than Mc Afee is fine, it's a friggin hog.

Glad to hear that Norton has finally improved ressource-wise.

I'll say it might be a good choice & maybe the most family-friendly of all paying AV.

Kaspersky is definitely the most effective... as well as most agressive program.

Configuration may be an issue if you're not computer savy though.

Has anyone heard of VIPRE? It seems fairly new but very effective., dunno the details.

Like Fireslash, I've used AVG on serveral machines, and it has always done what it was supposed to.

And of course the brand-new Common Sense Pack is a must-have in 2009. :mrgreen:

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Yes Fishy!

Every time I buy a new computer or reformat my older one, I do the following:

1. I download and install firefox + noscript

2. I visit majorgeeks.com and download and install:

a. spywareblaster to block any bad shit

b. adaware and spybot to run occassionally (spybot to block bad shit)

c. ccleaner to delete uneeded stuff from my system/memory/registry/ and I can access msconfig and uninstall programs easier.

3. If I ever suspect anything wrong, I go to trend micro online scanner

Anything else, I go to majorgeeks.com forums, run hijackthis, and go through their huge resource of programs, some made specifically for getting stuff off my computer.

Actually though, I never have to resort to online scanning or suspecting something is super wrong or asking for help...

I only say this because I have fixed other people's computers for them by following these steps (family, friends) Or even by just simply going into the task manager or msconfig, and deleting something bad in safe mode and checking the registry... I've personally not had a "virus" attack in years, and feel that if you get one, you're either Xerol, or just need to get on the ball and stop downloading suspicious .exe files and going to bad warez sites and allowing every plugin to install.

Seriously I will never use Mc Afee or Norton ever again. Those programs have always been more of a problem than a solution for any system I have ever been on. There's so much free stuff out there, who needs a resource hog that you have to pay for? Even if Norton HAS improved, I'm sure they are still too invasive for me to want to keep around.

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I use Computer Associates Internet Security Suite. It has antivirus, antispyware, antispam and a personal firewall. You can choose what to install and what to leave out.

The only problems I've run into with this is as follows:

1. Antivirus (and full system Antispyware) scans take a while (depending on how much shit you have on your computer)

2. Antispam puts all your email (outlook express) into a spam folder unless you add the sender to the "Allow" list.

3. Firewall is more of an aggrivation than a help. It blocks flash objects in IE and blocks any program from accessing the internet/acting as a server (unless you add them to the "always allow" list).

4. The interface is outdated; it has seperate control screens for each component but one "Security Center" screen that gives access to all the components' settings and controls.

Most of the aforementioned problems can be fixed by changing the settings and adding programs to the Allow lists when the status messages come up.

The AV and AS run periodic scheduled scans but these can be turned off or set to the time period of your choosing.

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  • 11 years later...

I've been using Avast for years now, before that I used F-secure. F-Secure got too bloated and slow and at the time Avast seemed like a light-weight and powerful AV.

Now I am thinking of moving to AVG, it seems lighter, or finding some other solution. I don't even use half the "features" of Avast Premier. I only want File/Web/Behaviour shields, sandbox, and the Software Updater. Even thinking of giving up paid AV and just sticking with M$ Defender and Firewall. I think I'm security-conscious enough to avoid the worst sh*t anyway.

I have no use for all the other crap Avast constantly try to push on me, and I have to pay for. Because I have their software they see it as a way to push ads my way for even more stuff. I have to actively turn off every one of their notification settings to avoid this constant nagging to get their "Ultimate Edition". Therefore, i am looking for better options and i compared Avast with AVG here  https://www.reviewsed.com/avg-vs-avast/ and it seems AVG now my good to go option. Lets see how it will work

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