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Mm2 = mmx2?

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Playing some Megaman X2, I started noticing a fun pattern. Lets see if you agree or if I'm an idiot seeing this now:

Metal Man to Bubble Man to Heat Man to Wood Man to Air Man to Crash Man to Flash Man to Quick Man

Wheel Gator to Bubble Crap to Flame Stag to Morph Moth to Magna Centipede to Crystal Snail to Overdrive Ostrich to Wire Sponge

Not that these are the best starting point, however: metal blade kills a water boss who kills a fire boss. (Plus Stag's charged weapon is a bit of a heat man like dash). Crystal Snail to Overdrive Ostrich is also interesting, since the charged snail shot slows down time. And Magnet Mines are similar to Crash Bombs.

It's not perfect, but this, to me, seems like an intentional homage.

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In the field of forum law, Mods > Users.

I don't really think that it was an intentional system to make the bosses follow a similar patter, it's just how they usually do these things. It's not like any of the bosses are impossible to beat without their weakness, it just gets more difficult (sometimes exponentially so). Usually in a Mega Man game there's a few bosses that don't require anything more than the normal shot and well-timed jumps.

And Metal Man's weapon in Mega Man 2 is really the most useful weapon you get. That could be because it's basically a better version of your normal shot.

The X series is a little bit different, and I usually attribute that to the upgrade parts being more useful than the weapons you get from Mavericks. The ability to dash, dash-jump, and air dash make it so you can avoid getting hit by bosses altogether, so the weapon systems are just bonuses.


Mega Man 2 =/= Mega Man X2. The order bosses are beaten in is usually a bit similar. Adding new things isn't really at the core of the series, but rather keeping things the same but making them slightly different. I love Mega Man, but I'm not going to go out and claim that each new game is revolutionary.

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There's no one "right" way to play through that game (or any Mega Man game, for that matter!)

You know, once I decided to go and actually look up what the "best" order to beat the bosses in Mega Man 2 was, because I recalled from the NES-playing days of yore that there was supposed to be one, but I couldn't remember what it was.


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tangentially on topic sort of: So, who here doesn't beat metal man (or maybe crash man) first?

I never did as a kid. I always went Bubble Man first because that was the easiest one, and I think my mom told me to go there first. I didn't go to Metal Man until I beat Air Man and got the jet so I could get that E-tank near the end.

I still do this in recent playthroughs, even though I never even use the damn tanks.

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