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  1. I am glad that they worked on the balance, and the basic mechanics were fairly similar to GGXX:AC - which I play a lot more of. I just played against people that mained Nu-13, so I fully support any and all nerfs/removals. Some of the new characters look interesting, but I think I enjoyed Litchi and Hakumen enough to stick with them. I might get back into it when CS2 hits.
  2. I wonder how all of the other FFXIII games will do. FF7 remake is up there with Chrono Break on the list of "Things that Square will make when they need more money". They need 900% more Brave Fencer Musashi sequels. All of these games where I'm not saving the princess confuse me.
  3. I prefer to play offline. It limits the people I can play with quite a bit (though most of the fighting games I play don't have the greatest online communities) but since I'm not really socializing with most of my opponents online I feel like I might as well just play against the computer. Lag, trash talk, whining, and trolling are all expected in every online experience. Honestly, if I spend more than 10 matches in any online without any of the above I'm fairly confused. In that time I also expect at least one match with someone who appears to have a radically different skill level because matchmaking systems tend to screw up from time to time. But hey, I have good games and bad games too. I am glad that I've only had one experience with people sexting on the linkshell (Guild for everybody that plays other MMOs). I haven't heard very much about Continuum Shift, how much of an improvement is it?
  4. Probably true, as emulators and ROMs haven't really changed that much in the last decade. would probably be the best antipiracy measure. And I guess that I got hit by Metal Gear Solid's "copy protection", since rental copies don't let you take the game case :/
  5. It's All About The Benjamins is a song containing your name. I was listening to that album a little while ago and wondered if the same issue might come up.
  6. I feel like I might have encountered that Earthbound ROM, but I didn't get to the end of it. Not sure though, as enemy encounter rates are pretty high in a number of that era's RPGs. So I guess they succeeded in reducing the fun factor in their game.
  7. Tags fixed. Does this I'm Nobody track exist to be really spammable for last.fm stats? Question for the shot caller though. As someone without a common name, I question whether or not people ever make ridiculous references about your name. I know a Mandy that hates Barry Manilow. Do you have a similar problem with Puff Daddy? I haven't met anybody who goes by Ricky in awhile, or I would ask them too.
  8. Growing Wings - Takayuki Aihara? (and vocals by "Kay Jemsen" aka Kari Wahlgren) The game's soundtrack is ridiculous, and not particularly appealing. It does fit the mood of the game, which is dissonant... and not particularly appealing. The is slightly different, and was the first version of the song I encountered (I don't remember which ending I got first any more, but I don't think it was . It captures the essence of the chaotic, tragic nature of the game and has beautiful vocals.Also this.
  9. Lint


    I've had conversations with people that seem to believe that the 3 endings that really flow together (anime, Death/Rebirth, End of Evangelion) are completely independent and may have nothing to do with one another. The Neon Genesis Evangelion manga then has its own adherents, I only read half of Angelic Days, and I honestly swore at the creators when Gakuen Datenroku came out. If I was going to read Eva doujinshi that gave the series a decent ending I would read Re-Take, but I didn't care for the porn aspect. I don't know, I'm not sure how much of Evangelion's character-building really needed to be dragged out across 26 episodes. However much I enjoy a number of the side characters I still think that there were a lot of scenes that could be cut out without losing the appeal. I feel like a lot of anime tend to have filler stuff - not just anime where they've explicitly put in a "filler arc" to stall for the manga to get ahead. It's just the difference between telling a a story in a serial and telling one in a straight experience.
  10. Audiosurf is an awesome rhythm game, and Recettear looks good but I know nothing about the other games.
  11. Lint


    They could be watching Dead Leaves for the same amount of zaniness (though with less purpose), or someday Gainax will finish Rebuild of Evangelion - this implies that whatever new ending they come up with makes more sense than the last 3.... or more depending on which Eva continuity you're on. I tried to keep track of Angelic Days and whatever the shonen version was for a bit. But seriously, Haruhi or 5 Centimeters per Second.
  12. I feel like somebody should play this at a hoedown to see if anybody notices. Though it couldn't be any old rural hoedown, cause out in rural Minnesota/Dakotas they don't play it quite like this. And yes, if this was played when the Redskins won or scored touchdowns it wouldn't be played very often, maybe if it was whenever the Titans scored? That aside, I think it's cool that Vurez adapted the song to this form. It definitely has a great dance vibe and cool instrumentation (I wish it had more harmonica). It is now trapped behind a genre that I find difficult to tolerate for more than an evening a month at most. VERY effective use of the tools at hand though, as the banjo/violin combo goes quite underrepresented these days. Also clapping (or whatever tool was used to emulate clapping).
  13. Happy Thanksgiving/Thursday
  14. Weren't they planning on doing this? Now that they realize that removing his mouth defeats the purpose of the character.
  15. It's an alright track, and it's a kind of cool beat-driven Sonic remix. I don't think anything really stands out about it for me. I am glad that more Project Chaos is posted though!
  16. I don't generally trust trailers. This looks like the standard superhero trailer post-Batman Begins (or maybe even Spider-Man). Is Hal Jordan doing well so far? I'm not sure if Reynolds is a bad actor or if he's just been in a number of bad movies. Or at least a number of his films haven't been shooting very high. Is he good when he's not in a chick flick or National Lampoon-grade comedy?
  17. Elec Man - Rockman 1~6 20th Anniversary Techno Arrange Ver. Wily Meets Flashman - Noppz - OCR00620 It's Boss Time - Gux - OCR00115 Robosaur Boneyard - Rockman 4 Complete Works Final Battle - Rockman 5 Complete Works (see #4) Epic Wily - Rushjet - Nice playthrough, I had forgotten how ridiculous some of the bosses were. Charge Man should really just be Train Man...
  18. Sorry , I just checked the list below when I made that post. I also feel bad for resurrecting the dead. I went through and checked and most of those tracks do have lyrics available (Tales: readme, Chrono: website, Echoes: tags, Monkey Business: tags, A Trace of Tears: tag). 4 of the other tracks are DQ'ed by the vocals being samples, and Funky Monkey Love's substantial lyrics are all posted with the Valentine edit. Shit on Citan, Darkness Dawning, ~3 tracks from Blood on the Asphalt, and 3 tracks from Thieves of Fate are the album tracks without lyrics available in some official OCR fashion that I found this morning (you can dig them up somewhere on the internet though.) In Joy & Sorrow also. I think that Black Wing Metamorphosis has the same lyrics as One-Winged Angel, I only included it because I remembered that Fighting For Tomorrow had the lyrics for its vocals posted and wasn't sure if BWM had any differences (bLiNd according to the writeup, but I don't know if he inserted changed the lyrics).
  19. Here's some of the album-only tracks. I have tried to avoid repeating tracks that were already mentioned. From Chrono Symphonic Schala and the Queen To Far Away Times From Echoes.... Finale Part Two ~ Genesis of Destruction Phantom of the Zeromus From Voices Black Wing Metamorphosis From Doom II The Countdown - but I can't tell if the voices at the end count as just samples or lyrics 31 Seconds - has fairly extensive samples, but not lyrics Doom Darkness Dawning Serious Monkey Business Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings Trapped in the Minds Humans + Gears Welcome to the Human Race - I don't know if all of the voices are samples A Trace of Tears Shit on Citan Sonic 2 Radio Results - dialogue Thieves of Fate Thieves of Fate Sexy Boy Requiem for Another World Blood on the Asphalt Thank You, Dee Jay Spittin' Narcissism Blood on the Asphalt (both versions) Kong in Concert Funky Monkey Love Summoning of Spirits Beyond Absentminded No Better Time Than Now
  20. Maggot Brain, or From The Bottom Of My Heart for similar reasons. I don't really care about and of the legends associated with it, but the incredibly emotive power of the guitar work has brought me back to listening to Maggot Brain for years. There are a lot of songs with great guitar work, and sometimes I feel like the lack of expression from the other elements of the band is both a negative and a positive. I love Parliment-Funkadelic, and they express themselves in a lot of ways though. is a proper expression of the funky groove factor that they have that I love. is one of my favorite Soundgarden songs. It has some of the heavier riffs and a nice beat, the vocals and lyrics don't particularly stand out to me. I'm not totally sure why I enjoy it more than a lot of other songs, but I'm drawn to this one. In fact, I almost feel like it just sounds like a comfortable median between other songs. is a really pretty doo-wop song that I don't think does very much that's particularly original or inventive, but I like it. I also first encountered it in 's rework/cover of it, and that's just a great film. So I laugh, because I can't take the song seriously.@ Less Ashamed - I like the track from Tipper more than from DJ Hero. L.E.D. Down reminds me of Portishead. The DJ Hero track is familiar to me, and I agree that the vocal samples are a bit over the top (though the voice is awesome). It has great beats and everything, but maybe I can't get out of the "this is the tutorial song" feeling that I had while playing the game. @ Charlemagne - I like all of the pieces, there's a lot of intense ambiance going on here. And Tehillim is just a lot of fun all around. I lack the musical background to feel like I'm really getting much of the more subtle parts of the pieces - but I did listen to and enjoy most of it, so it was put to good use. I think that Reich is something that my mother would enjoy and I'm considering something from him as a possible gift.
  21. Block, Straight, Hook, Uppercut, Grab, Elbow, Grab Punches, Headbutt, Backfist, Hammerfist, Double Hammer are the limitations in the demo video for the game being displayed - Motion Fighter. '>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTKpgSpq- This looks about where we are now. And all you're asking for is that they make it have a first person perspective, extremely accurate muscle recognition (can we play this game in clothes?), extremely accurate hits/misses, and even the mapping of entire martial arts to the motion controller. Hitboxes will be a huge problem, you're asking that they make the movement system a LOT more precise and responsive, I have no idea how well they can manage to implement kicking techniques or ground holds (Capoeria, Taekwondo, or Judo would be pretty pointless along with any number of other martial arts), and once they start mapping things to specific movements you start having overlapping movements or techniques with movements so difficult that people are unable to use them to their fullest extent (I'm looking at you Street Fighter 2 Fei Long, Sagat, & Cammy). Alternately, they could just accurately portray the player's own abilities on screen and simply offer a tutorial in every martial art. Good luck seeing that anytime soon. In the mean time we have House of the Dead Wii Boxing.
  22. I feel like the real outcome of this will be hilarious news clips of news anchors saying "It's on like Donkey Kong" in that questioning tone they use when stating a really out of sync pop culture reference that that don't understand at all. Unfortunately, she is too familiar with the term to be awkward with using the phrase.
  23. I love metal, but I'm not sure what Saw films have to do with being metal. Also, freaking awesome.
  24. I was thinking more that I don't own one, but I do live with someone who owns one. Since there's no tracking of addresses it doesn't really matter, but sometimes they care about double entries for the same Xbox/PSN account.
  25. I thought it was a gimmick when it came out and I still think it's largely a gimmick. True, I will give credit so some of it's exercise features in that they're pretty low impact and might price out to an equal value on actual exercise equipment (though a gym membership would probably be lower). I said the same thing about the touch screen on the DS though, and I'm getting the same vibe from the 3DS. It might as well be a Steel Battalion controller that you use for more than one game.
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