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OCR01080 - Super Metroid "All the World in One Girl"

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Truly a beautiful piece. I think I'll have to have it played at my wedding when I finally find my one girl in all the world :)
Wrong one :-P. The twin to this one has that title...

Anyways, for a little critiquing of this song.

First off, I'd like to say that this is probably my favorite ReMix of all time. I really don't hear many cons to mention, so I guess I'll just start with listing all the wonderful things about it!

Great piano. I love its line, and I wish I had the music to it, although it is repeated enough that someone could probably pretty easily figure it out on the piano. I personally liked the length and such of this song, but people I showed it to (the philistines!) didn't really like it. This is the major downside of this song, which they all pointed out: It repeats a lot. This could get annoying if you didn't enjoy the section it repeats to start with. While there may be some variation, it's not enough to really tell without some serious digging.

I liked the strings coming in at 2:48 - it adds some nice variation from the theme that's been looping. Also the three different minor variations on the theme that are looped throughout the entire piece. Also, I have to say - endings are hard. This song, however, managed to NAIL that ending! Great job, Wingless! 9.5/10!

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Since everyone else is comparing it, i'll do so too, and I prefer this one. The sequencing is pretty damn mechanical sounding, but I still love the track. Some really nice textures throughout, and a good sense of progression. I especially liked the piano and the small melodies tucked away in the arpeggios. That's one of my favorite things bout music, and if only the piano sounded more natural, this one would be one of my all-time favorites. It still is a worthy track and is worth checking out, however, despite my wishes for a smoother performance.

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Contining my travel through all the metroid mixes I haven't listened to yet (and thereby listening to some very old ones), this one is quite unique. I love how you took this popular theme in two very distinct directions. One goes in the fairly typical and recognizable direction, yet does that justice.

But I think the really great part about this one is that it gives it a completely new feel, and is still recognizable, yet amazingly new. Really unique.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01080 - Super Metroid "All the World in One Girl"
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In no manner what so ever, does this jovial, light-hearted piece of muzac titled, "One Girl in All the World," remind me of Samus Aran or any music from any Metroid game, let alone Super Metroid. Honestly speaking, did the composer, "The Wingless," just make up a cute, sweet sounding musical ditty without even trying to correlate the tempo, notes, keys to any music of the game; and tell the audience that you ought to be reminded of Brinstar's theme from Super Metroid. 

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Much love from me for sure - it's not your usual Metroid remix that has that dark and unsettling atmosphere, a sense of something heavy and gloomy, no. Instead, this is a rather uplifting and playful piece :) There's almost something awfully nostalgic about it, although I have no clue what it could be... But for some reason, this track makes me think of better and simpler times, haha. It was not very easy to extract the source from here, but after a handful of solid listens I can certainly say that it is there. It's a relatively simple tune, but that's where it's charm comes from, I guess. Some sweet piano, beats, organ and a few other details, and there you are - a nice and fresh listen that definitely makes you feel comfy. Can easily say that this is one of the best works on the entire site ;)

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