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OCR01082 - Raiden Trad "Thunderous Dawn"


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I hate the opening synth in the first 14 seconds or so, but the rest of the mix is good in a way which I cannot describe well. Not only is it danceable, it sounds like an actual song, which many pieces in this style don't, and it keeps moving with little true repitition for all 5 minutes. Very well done.

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Holy Shit. This song just put me in a good mood. I have to say this is definitely one of the more fun remixes on this site based purely on ease of listening to it. I would any day throw this on a Cd player and be like listen and observe the pinnacle of boombastic bass loving technotronic electronic melodic sytnthesizing over sweet effects and kicks. The simplicity is what makes this song rock. People often say "How can you like techno, it all sounds the same." Well, if you like one techno song than you like them all. So it's almost better that way. Anyways, I have to give mega props to Beatdrop on brightening my day. :D

To more technical critique:

1. I personally like the synth intro, draws you towards whats to come.

2. The build up to nothing around 0'39 is a nice effect, not over used most direct techno is beat build up in the form of tension and release, this song is more tension, tension, and then release.

3. I like the bass patch, it really sounds sweet around 2'00

4. The break down around 2'39 is very welcomed and leads beautifully into 3'00 where the background synth comes back and rocks with a very nice full not cluttered but full sound.

5. ::high five:: to Beatdrop, I really really enjoyed it.

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Although, I wouldn't describe it as 'fag-core,' I'm certainly sick of dance music. It's just too easy to make and doesn't really describe any musicians true abilities. This is no exception; Beatdrop has much better work out there. Also, the synths used in this one are somewhat grating on the ears. And it's too repetitive and lacking in variation.

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I'd had this playlisted for several years and it's super energetic but with a nice and steady beat. It's always been a solid contender for my gym workout mix. What? You think these biceps get so massive on their own? /flex

Anyways, The lead was a bit on the squiggily side (for lack of a better layman's term), but I can speculate that Beatdrop was trying to emulate the feeling of the purple laser in the game that does in fact become "all squiggily". Otherwise it's straight-up Beatdrop style dance and it's well balanced soundwise. Check it out if you are going to pump some iron.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01082 - Raiden Trad "Thunderous Dawn"

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