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  1. Just finished voting. Lots of good stuff in there! Not gonna mention my favs, though; don't wanna be planting seeds in other people's minds. I mean, my remix was the best anyway.
  2. Yeah, he's a pretty awesome Dutch guy. He even went so far as to send me a program that would make these so I could do it myself.
  3. I'm currently working on a few Hyperzone remixes.
  4. Are all of these, by chance, going to be available as a mass-download ZIP/RAR after the voting is over?
  5. My boss sent me this today and I thought it was pretty dope.. MS Excel Artwork
  6. Btw, Zircon, if I haven't already said so - thank you for doing this. It was fun participating. Even if I don't rank, I still had fun.
  7. I'm curious - though the voting is available publicly, how does the public know about it? Has there been advertisement or email blasts or anything? Or, are the only people that know about it OCR forum-goers and friends of those who submitted? The questionably situation which may arise in this case, since the order is not randomized, is that you can get all your friends to vote 5 on remix X (whatever your remix is). I'm simply suggesting that if we want it open to the public, let's make it publicly known (unless I missed that post).
  8. The Void - a full length album available now in both digital and physical versions. Hello! I'm pleased to announce that my first full-length solo electronic album, The Void, is now available! It was actually available in January; I didn't realize that we could, essentially, advertise it on this forum. The digital album is available in iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and elsewhere. Some beautiful physical copies, in traditional jewel cases with full color artwork and disc, are available at CDBaby for shipping to your doorstep. The album itself includes 12 tracks and encompasses 55 minutes of badassness and bliss. All tracks are originals by yours truly. My buddy, Natalie, sings on track 7. All versions are only $10 or less. It has been described by fans as 'like a soundtrack'. Indeed, there is a narrative included with the physical copy. Check out the Facebook page for more artist details and for future updates.
  9. This track from the game, to me, was always the little gem buried in the dirt and made me happy to hear it. Seems like ya never really got to go into the forest very often... And to hear it like this is just amazing - the piano playing here really wrings out some good emotion. Very subtle power and quiet beauty: "...sounds like the shadows of trees at night when there is a full moon." as Laura said. Totally agree. Kudos!
  10. Totally book-thievish in nature. Diggin' it's mischievousness and quirkiness. It has a meticulous and clock-like sound about it. And, indeed, intelligent and classy. It's got a classic sound too; reminds of the remixes going on when I first signed-up and fell in love with OCR (I call that 'the good ol days').
  11. This is awesome; a true guitar song - plenty of feeling and dynamicity, backed by simple drums and synth. One really minor thing that tripped me up: the transition at 1.21 - where is it? Let's face it - there wasn't one. One second you're doing this, the next, that. I would normally expect more playing with tension there. Things that didn't bother me: the fade-out - it was fine. Would it have been nice to soar into an orchestral barrage? Maybe. But, it's been done. The non-dynamic drums - they were fine too. I've seen a lot of live bands play with a drum machine and they sound great. This is a guitar song and the drums backed the guitar by being simple and straightforward When you add dynamics and tons of fills and cymbal, it takes away just a little limelight from the guitar. Overall - awesome.
  12. So, I like Zelda. But, I didn't particularly care for this track. It sounded... hodge-podge; lots of instruments thrown together that weren't really sonically compatible. The instruments sound good by themselves, but seem to be thematically inconsistent. You have your epic-sounding strings with a flute-like fluttering, mixed with a rather simplistic tribal sounding hand-drum. And there's an electric piano in the background and I'm thinking 'is this elevator music or a serious classical piece?' At the end there's an electric guitar which, again, doesn't seem to fit. Overall, I'd say it was just... weird.
  13. I was really into the drums mostly. They had a good progressive rock thing going; sound very organic and yet very clean. Overall there's definite tension and ambience, true to the original. And like Rexy is saying, the timing changes are great and demonstrate much needed variation. I thought the synth sounded a little thin or out of place at times, or maybe it didn't occupy the sound field as much as I was hoping it to. Or, maybe I was just expecting a guitar and it wasn't a guitar.
  14. Really dug "Memoirs of a Gamer". Nice work. Perhaps you have an album of originals for sale? A website?

  15. That is awesome. Great instrumentation, great progression. A seamless and amazing blend of many different styles. And, yes, very 'gamey'. I love it and would love to hear more.
  16. That is just plain dope, man. Good instrumentation, emotional progression, decent dynamics; I was into it. It had a kind of robust quaintness about it, like coming upon a medieval hamlet for the first time before embarking on a heroic journey.
  17. A little something put to some video: Would love any and all feedback.
  18. I agree with OA - the remix seems to have held up decently over time. I really loved the original; I don't think this mix captured the mysterious sweetness of that, but it's still likable in it's own way. It's got danceability and catchy instrumentation; not a whole lot of flair or dynamic. Might use it as my ringtone here...
  19. I understand that this remix is a bit aged and that skills and machines have come a long way... This was pretty difficult to listen to. Seems to be a basic Midi rip with some reverb and seemingly random crash cymbals.
  20. Thanks, I appreciate that!

  21. I really loved Radical Dreamers and love to see remixes from it. Great intro. Reminds me of the beginning of Super Metroid - landing in the rain. The drums coming in halfway through seemed like perfect timing. And their subdued complexity seemed very fitting.
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