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If you'll allow me to complain a little (about silent hill) (again), I was all hopped up for "Homecoming". I was sincerely excited. I ran through, re-beat 3, almost beat "the room" (because for some reason I can NEVER beat that game), and got it the day it came out. The experience was just so lack luster. The games are supposed to be about plot, and I saw the whole thing coming miles away. Yes, I liked how it looked. Yes, I liked how the controls felt. But aside from that, I just couldn't get into it. I dunno. Maybe it's sequel burnout, maybe I'm growing out of my 'scary' games phase...but I just wish they'd leave well enough alone, y'know?

But who knows. Maybe I'm just being a snob and need to give "homecoming" another chance. I mean, 4 got similar reviews to "homecoming", and I liked 4 well enough. But I think a part of me is still looking for that great game experience I had with the first Silent Hill, and then again with 2. 3 was a little rehashed and too short for my tastes, but had a lot of cool things going on with it. 4 was just new and some parts scared the living bejesus outta me. But with "homecoming"...nothing like that. It's like when you eat a really good meal. Just when things get going, you look up and your plate is empty. To me, 5 felt like I was trying to eat the plate just for some residual taste of the really good food.

Anyways, that's my bit.

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I have yet still to play Homecoming...

However I really like 4... It had to grow on me, and even though I think the aesthetics (especially in lighting and texture) in that game are something to be desired (they are nothing compared to 3)... I still think the story is a sad and thoughtful one.

The hauntings and ghosts are kind of trite though.

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I posted this in the other thread, although honestly this thread right here is the "true" Silent Hill thread, I'd say.

...Anyway, IGN let loose an eyes-on preview, a developer interview, and some new screenshots of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

I'm really, really getting excited for this after reading these enthusiastic, extremely positive-looking articles.

Have a look!

Here's the eyes-on preview: http://wii.ign.com/articles/971/971316p1.html

Here's the interview: http://wii.ign.com/articles/971/971319p1.html

Here's the screens: http://media.wii.ign.com/media/143/14325477/imgs_1.html

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I know that the article says that the film sequel has Samuel Hadida and Roger Avary attached, but I wonder if production is going to be a problem after Avary is sentenced for Vehicular Manslaughter on September 29. Prison sentences for this are about 2-3 years in most states.

The New York Times - Arts - "'Pulp Fiction' Writer Pleads Guilty in Crash"

Additionally, Avary has previously stated that he would not do a sequel to Silent Hill if Christophe Gans was not also attached to the project. I wonder if he has changed his mind since 2007.

Shock Till You Drop.com - Exclusive: Avary Skips Trip to Silent Hill 2

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For the love of God, when is the damned soundtrack going to be released!?:-x

Silent Hill Homecoming Update:

SHH Promotional Soundtrack Released in North America via GameStop Retailers:

While it was originally reported that the soundtrack for Silent Hill Homecoming was to be released at the same time as the home console versions of the game on September 30, 2008, as stated by Akira Yamaoka (executive producer and lead composer), the soundtrack failed to appear in stores or from distributors of the game at said time. Information about the soundtrack's release date from Konami Digitial Entertainment, Inc. or from retailers was not available and many people assumed that the news about the soundtrack release date being congruent with the game release was a mistranslation on the reporters' end.*[1]

However, later, Gamestop, GameCrazy and EB Games Canada retailers in North America ran an advertisement, distributed via email promotion*[2], stating that a limited supply*[3] of promotional copies of the soundtrack for Silent Hill Homecoming would be distributed with in-store purchases of either console version of Silent Hill Homecoming (XBOX360/PlayStation®3)*[4] during the week of Friday, December 5, 2008 and Thursday, December 11, 2008.

The promotional CD features 21 tracks from the game's soundtrack and was packaged in a shrink-wrapped jewel case with a front cover image insert and back image insert. A tracklisting of the soundtrack is listed below. Like previous iterations of other original soundtracks in this series, the promotional soundtrack is composed of arranged and extended versions of the original music pieces from the game.*[5] The tracks were mixed from the original 5.1 surround sound scheme, so it is recommended that you listen to the music via headphones or a sound system with surround sound capabilities.*[6]

Because the soundtrack was only released as a promotion from GameStop, physical copies of the soundtrack are not available from retailers, meaning that if you are searching for a copy of the promotional soundtrack you'll have to search peer-to-peer sales or auction sites, i.e. ebay, amazon, etc.*[7]

SHH Soundtrack Tracklist:

  1. One More Soul To The Call
  2. Witchcraft
  3. Mr. JOY
  4. Cold Blood
  5. The Terminal Show
  6. Elle Theme
  7. 4 Pattern
  8. Snow Flower
  9. Attitude #70
  10. Regards
  11. Total Invasion
  12. The Real Love
  13. Voodoo Girl
  14. Living In Fear
  15. Dreams of Leaving
  16. Who Knows
  17. Slave 2 Death
  18. The Thing
  19. Dead Monks
  20. This Sacred Line
  21. Alex Theme

*[1] Footnote: Previously reported by Original Sound Version.

*[2] Footnote: Only those signed up to receive emails promotions from GameStop and its affliates were informed of the in-store only promotion.

*[3] Footnote: According to Original Sound Version, in a later article about the status of the Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack, they reported that supply shipments of the promotional CD were received in late November 2008. As such, most websites are reporting the receive date as November 24, 2008, though this is only an approximate date.

*[4] Footnote: According to user posts, while the promotion was restricted to purchases of Silent Hill Homecoming, some were able to obtain the game with purchases of Silent Hill 0rigins (PlayStation®Portable/PlayStation®2). Others were able to obtain a copy from their local GameStop retailers with a copy of their pre-order receipts for Silent Hill Homecoming.

*[5] Footnote: Many of the tracks from the soundtrack are changed from the original game music files, either slightly or heavily in terms of arrangement and/or EQ. (Personal Note: An example of a significant change made can be seen in the track "The Terminal Show," which plays when Alex first enters the town of Shepard's Glen, which originally contained a breakbeat, synthetic percussion section half-way through the piece in-game, while the promotional soundtrack version contains a jazzy, acoustic drum kit section in its place.)

*[6] Footnote: Many fans have complained about issues dealing with a lack of musical elements in the latter portion of the promotional soundtrack, but without the proper listening device(s), you cannot hear a large portion of the music in each song. (Personal Note: For example, the song "Regards" features a heavy synthetic bassline that plays throughout most of the song, but listening to the song over a 2 speaker system, the section was completely absent.)

*[7] Personal Note: Because of the the high number of physical copies released by GameStop, finding a copy of the promotional soundtrack is not difficult and because it was essentially free, it is not recommended that you purchase a copy for over $20.


Silent Hill: Lost Memories.net (English Branch) - Music - Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack

He can always write the script from prison. They are allowed pen and paper, aren't they?

It's not a question of whether or not he'll be able to write the script while in prison, but a question of whether or not the project as a whole will suffer because of the lack of a direct collaboration with the producers and film makers on what will essentially be the narrative structure of the entire film.

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It's pretty poop. Combat system is ass, and you get to use things like TVs, pieces of pipe, and other silly inanimate objects THAT BREAK after being used a few times.

Good thing the game's so cheap, huh? I'd say skip it, but we made ourselves play it for the story and not for anything else. At least there's that. The plot is all it's good for.

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I need them all! The battle music against Scarlet was one that really stuck with me.

That's what bothered me of the "official" track listing... While the youtube playist does repeat one track, it still contains a few tracks missing from the "official" listing...


Don't worry I'll make the rest of the OST available for the rest of us...

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It's pretty poop. Combat system is ass, and you get to use things like TVs, pieces of pipe, and other silly inanimate objects THAT BREAK after being used a few times.

Good thing the game's so cheap, huh? I'd say skip it, but we made ourselves play it for the story and not for anything else. At least there's that. The plot is all it's good for.

It wasn't the items I was terribly offended by... it was how many things he was allowed to carry was blowing my mind. LET ME SORT THROUGH MY TVS AND LARGE JUGS OF ALCOHOL AND PIPES AND TOASTERS AND EVERY THING. At least they let you punch things... however that just made me PUNCH EVERYTHING in the game including all the bosses.

Origins wasn't THAT bad, though I don't really care for the fact that they made Alessa more like the Alessa in the movie. It at least felt more like a Silent Hill than Homecoming did. I didn't care for Homecoming except the soundtrack.

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You know, I too thought Origins was pretty crappy.....but now that GT mentions it, it was more Silent Hill-ish than Homecoming was. Dunno if I'd say "better" really....but had more of the SH atmosphere about it.

Thanks for making me realize that. I'd been dumping on Origins otherwise. (I still will...but less so now)

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Disagree about Origins. I really enjoyed it. It was the first game since SH3 that I enjoyed a lot. SH4 was great story-wise, but it didn't feel like a Silent Hill game.

Origins however, I thought it felt a lot like SH2 and SH3. Seriously, I got over the fact that he was carrying tvs and stuff around, but besides that, I had no problem. It really felt like I was playing something that could have been released around the SH2 or SH3 era. It had a lot of darkness and grit, a great OST, a decent tie-in story, weird ass monsters, and very SH2-ish puzzles.

Also about the way Alessa was portrayed, I don't think it was so much like the movie as it was like she was portrayed in SH3, kind of carrying over from the lack of personality she had in SH 1 (her and Dahlia both) to a little more of a SH2 kind of story. Let's face it, I love Dahlia in SH1, but she looked like she was seventy and a wandering gypsy. She looked like an undead corpse!

Since this is a prequel, I think it makes more sense for her, and Alessa, to be a bit different.

I only played Origins for PSP though, so I haven't seen what it looks like on a tv, if that makes any difference whatsoever.

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Ohhh man, bad news...


Apparently, Akira Yamaoka left Konami. Not sure where he's going, or if this is even fully real (Kotaku branded it a rumor), but I really hope this isn't true. I'm not sure where the Silent Hill series could go without his trademark sound.


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