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St. Louis Meetup! (June 27 - 28?)

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So there has been interest expressed for a St. Louis meetup. I'm not sure what we'll be doing yet, but I'd hope that we can do stuff for two days, the second day for a BBQ/sporting stuff (i.e. ultimate). I hope there are people who can host in case people are coming in from out of town.

I solicit for all advice on things to do for the meetup.

Date: TBD (June 12-13?)

Time & place: TBD

People interested in coming:









PosiBolt (putting you on because I told you in advance :P )


The Mutericator

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I'm waiting for people to chime in what date(s) would be good for them.

Also, I have board games and card games for nighttime at someone's place if anyone wants to play any.

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I know Posi can host someone overnight, but having extensive stuff done at his place is probably not the best of ideas. I'm sure he knows of BBQ spots though at the very least.

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I have family visiting at the start of the week, and I'm not sure how long they're staying. If I can get that schedule pinned down, there's a chance I'll be able to host one or two people in my (very small) apartment.

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Hmm... on second thought, I don't think June 12-13 would work very well for me. 1) it's not far out enough that I'd be able to acquire the funds, and 2) I'm already asking for a lot of time off of work in June, and I kinda doubt they'll give me any more around that period of time.

The farther out the better, really.

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I would maybe come maybe. But the kids I know down at St. L are mostly likely going to come up by my (Chicago), and as such, other than seeing you fine folks, not much I'd want to do down there (seeing as it's ohhh an arch...and a place for shakes). And having my first meet up being probably the best meet up, I will be jaded and angry, since G-T and lexxy and oddllama and muse and spleen won't be there (except maybe I'll bring spleen because we are bffs irl).

Chicago > St. Louis.

Also besides eula, baha is the only person I really know, and well, for 9 months I can go visit him whenever I like so nah nah nah nah nah nah i'm not going i'm too cool for you nerds.

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That's been pushed back to the 17th, plane ticket was cheaper to push it a few days.


Should we push the date back to a further time? It'd be nice to hang out with you and Ash!

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