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VST, DirectX instruments and effects thread

DM Lee

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  • 4 weeks later...

Oh no, now I have another thread to be all responsible for starting and stuff... lol, jk.

I haven't been using many new effects but I downlaoded a ton recently and have been wanting to experiment with some new stuff, so expect more help from me on this.

I have two suggestions though, one for a compressor (I think I was directed to it from this thread but dotn remember). The "Classic Compressor" is really awesome and probably the best things about it are its very easy to use and user friendly, and it also has a light that lets you know when it is actually compressing the audio (if the light doesnt flash you havent done anything to the actual sound, but if it flashes non stop you probably did too much in some cases).

well, basically I use it for almost all of my compression and I find it a lot better than the fruity compressor.

Another one from the same company is the "Classic Chorus" which is prety warm and easy to use as well. I havent used it much but it has been a good tool for me.

Oh, and if you guys get the demo version of greenamp, the guitaramp simulator it becomes obsolete after a certain amount of time and you have to either redownload (if you can, i dont know) or you hust cant use it anymore. It was really cool too.

I have greenwah I think its called, its from the same compnay as greenamp but its a wah generator, it might be the same deal, it might run out after a while.

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I dont remember where I got greenamp or greenwah from, sorry... Ill look it up right now if I can...

The company is greenmachine.

The classic stuff is from... kjaerhusaudio

Here, this should be prety helpful as I have found most of this stuff pretty nice and works very well.

I plan on trying out the classic eq which was added recently I think. I'll let you know when I have used it a few times if I trust it as much as the other stuff they supply.

http://www.kjaerhusaudio.com/classic-series.php (go here)

Definately get the compressor and chorus, but you will probably want to try out the master limiter and reverb yourself.

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Cyanide is pretty nice for the price. :) I could not find a use for it in my type of music, but electronica mixers will probably.

Yeah, I just inserted it (v2) in one of my tracks that I wasn't happy with the sound of. I think it's an improvement, but I'll see tomorrow after I've gotten the sound of it out of my head.

There are quite a number of cool plugins there actaully. I downloaded a few of them :D

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Ill have to check these synths out but this thread is mire towards effects style vst's, not synths.

You guys should definately link your stuff in the sample and soundfont request thread, it would probably have more effectiveness there.

Thanx for hte links.

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Hey! What the hell man?!

This is my thread not yours, dont fuck with it!!!

Just kidding.

Im fine with this being the all things vst and dx thread, actually it is better that way, but there are a number of posts in the soundfont etc thread that may be usefull here...

I will have to transfer my own posts over as new posts in this thread.

Hope to see some more links t some rare vst's not in kvr, I look a lot but usually come up with crap...

Im gonna have to let everyone knwo what I think is crap so they can avoid it... thats probably a good idea as I even have a number of realy crappy vst's I can warn you all about.

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I do more than use presets since if you rely on presets you will be very lacking in what the vsts can really do.

Some just lack brightness or dynamics or other things.

Some lack quality filters or have habits of clipping most of the time.

Some just sound extremely cheap.

Another thing is having a built in overdrive that might not be too good or something, or completely useless otherwise.

Oh, and then there are those vsts (like the wombat solina series) which claim to be modelled after certain instruments and you can not get anything close to the sound your supposed to be able to achieve.

There are many things that make a number of vst's crapy in my opinion, as well as a number of things that make some outstanding.

I do guess it is all preferential though.

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Another thing to consider, with synth edit creations in particular, is CPU consumption. SE is notoriously inefficient. I went to a website for an emulator of some really cheap synth, like a NES or SID chip, or something. Consumption on an Athlon XP 2000+ was something like 12% :P

That's the main reason why I tend to ignore SE creations like the plague. Some worth keeping though. I think I have a couple in my collection :)

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I agree. But sometimes they are the only synths that I know strictly emulate it. I know the YMVST only takes up 1% which is a very good thing, even though it has some inconsistencies especially in the higher frequencies. Otherwise, they might actually offer something really cool.

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