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Thank You


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I found this wonderful community (ocr) by accident one day while shuffling through youtube vids, and was shocked and amazed!

The quality of the music is top notch, absolute greatness, and free???!!!!!!!!!!!!

like i said, shocked and amazed, a niche with likeminded individuals who not only have a keen affinity for music and videogames, but who are entirely capable of consummating the two in various music styles.

So a big thank you to everyone who contributes to this site in any way shape or form!!

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Glad you found us. Spread the word.

By the way... you know it's mandatory to mail djp a 12 pack of high quality beer when you join the community right? No...really it's true. He has a couple warehouses full already and he gets drunk off his ass every night trying to get rid of it all.

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