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F-Zero - Red Canyon + Silence


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This is nowhere finished anywhere. I just borrowed my gf's guitar, and obviously can't play worth shit, and the amp is a free vst, but at least I tried :)

The drums are all loops, the whole thing is pretty repetitive and boring, but hey, it's a wip. I thought someone might enjoy it despite all its flaws. Loops indefinitely and seamlessly, should someone want to listen to it 100 times over.


EDIT Ok, it's not that shitty.

EDIT 2: Ok, it's actually quite worth a listen. And if you don't like it, tell me. Maybe it is shitty, in your opinion. But I kinda like it.

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You mean at 00:49? Yeah, fingered the wrong fret and was too lazy to rerecord. Plus the guitar isn't very well tuned, and even though it doesn't have a whammy bar (if it did you'd be dead now), it changes tune depending on how hard I press the strings, but I hope I'll learn to handle that with a few weeks' practice. But if I ever finish this I'll most likely get someone else to do the job anyway. Unless this mix takes my usual time to finish, in which case I will hopefully have learned to play power chords without breaking a sweat.

And thanks!

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You sent me this before I think... i'm to blame for the edits in the first post :P

So yeah this isn't bad man, the guitar at the end is out of tune, and the distortion isn't great... The guitar is the biggest problem here... use your pod to tune your guitar correctly and re-record the guitar :P

Pretty good, its lacking a little punch imo, but it sounds good to me with the exception of the guitar at the moment :P

Keep it up man.

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